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JEE Main 2021 (Online) 22th July Evening Shift
Three students S1, S2 and S3 perform an experiment for determining the acceleration due to gravity (g) using a simple pendulum. They use different lengths of pendulum and record time for different number of oscillations. The observations are as shown in the table.

Length of
Pendulum (cm)
No. of
oscillations (n)
Total time for
n oscillations
period (s)
1 64.0 8 128.0 16.0
2 64.0 4 64.0 16.0
3 20.0 4 36.0 9.0

(Least count of length = 0.1 cm and Least count for time = 0.1 s)

If E1, E2 and E3 are the percentage errors in 'g' for students 1, 2 and 3 respectively, then the minimum percentage error is obtained by student no. ______________.
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JEE Main 2021 (Online) 18th March Evening Shift
The radius of a sphere is measured to be (7.50 $$\pm$$ 0.85) cm. Suppose the percentage error in its volume is x.

The value of x, to the nearest x, is __________.
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JEE Main 2021 (Online) 16th March Morning Shift
The resistance R = $${V \over I}$$, where V = (50 $$\pm$$ 2)V and I = (20 $$\pm$$ 0.2)A. The percentage error in R is 'x'%. The value of 'x' to the nearest integer is _________.
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JEE Main 2020 (Online) 6th September Morning Slot
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The density of a solid metal sphere is determined by measuring its mass and its diameter. The maximum error in the density of the sphere is $$\left( {{x \over {100}}} \right)$$ %. If the relative errors in measuring the mass and the diameter are 6.0% and 1.5% respectively, the value of x is_______.
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