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In lac operon, z gene codes for
Given below are two statements Statement I : DNA polymerases catalyse polymerisation only in one direction, that is 5' → 3'. Statement II : During re...
Match List - I with List - II. .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{border-color:black;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;font-f...
Against the codon 5' UAC 3', what would be the sequence of anticodon on tRNA?
If A and C make 30% and 20% of DNA, respectively, what will be the percentage composition of T and G?
The process of translation of mRNA to proteins begins as soon as:
DNA polymorphism forms the basis of:
Read the following statements and choose the set of correct statements: (a) Euchromatin is loosely packed chromatin (b) Heterochromatin is transcripti...
Transposons can be used during which one of the following?
If a geneticist uses the blind approach for sequencing the whole genome of an organism, followed by assignment of function to different segments, the ...
In an E. Coli strain i gene gets mutated and its product can not bind the inducer molecule. If growth medium is provided with lactose, what will be th...
DNA strands on a gel stained with ethidium bromide when viewed under UV radiation, appear as
Complete the flow chart on central dogma....
What is the role of RNA polymerase III in the process of transcription in eukaryotes?
DNA fingerprinting involves identifying differences in some specific regions in DNA sequence, called as
Identify the correct statement.
If Adenine makes 30% of the DNA molecule, what will be the percentage of Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine in it?
Which of the following RNAs is not required for the synthesis of protein?
Which is the "Only enzyme" that has "Capability" to catalyse Initiation, Elongation and Termination in the process of transcription in prokaryotes?
Which one of the following statements about histones is wrong?
Statement I : The codon 'AUG' codes for methionine and phenylalanine.Statement II : 'AAA' and 'AAG' both codons code for the amino acid lysine.In the ...
If the distance between two consecutive base pairs is 0.34 nm and the total number of base pairs of a DNA double helix in a typical mammalian cell is ...
Which of the following statements is correct?
The first phase of translation is
Name the enzyme that facilitates opening of DNA helix during transcription.
Purines found both in DNA and RNA are:
Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) refers to :
Match the following genes of the Lac operon with their respective produces : .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{border-color:bl...
The shorter and longer arms of a submetacentric chromosome are referred to as:
Which of the following features of genetic code does allow bacteria to produce human insulin by recombinant DNA technology?
Under which of the following conditions will there be no change in the reading frame of following mRNA? 5' AACAGCGGUGCUAUU 3'
Select the correct match :
The experimental proof for semi-conservative replication of DNA was first shown in a
Select the correct statement :
Select the correct match :
Many ribosomes may associate with a single mRNA to form multiple copies of a polypeptide simultaneously. Such strings of ribosomes are termed as
All of the following are part of an operon except
AGGTATCGCAT is a sequence from the coding strand of a gene. What will be the corresponding sequence of the transcribed mRNA?
If there are 999 bases in an RNA that codes for a protein with 333 amino acids, and the base at position 901 is deleted such that the length of the RN...
The final proof for DNA as the genetic material came from the experiments of
During DNA replication, Okazaki fragments are used to elongate
Which of the following RNAs should be most abundant in animal cell ?
Spliceosomes are not found in cells of :
The association of histone H1 with a nucleosome indicates :
Taylor conducted the experiments to prove semiconservative mode of chromosome replication on
The equivalent of a structural gene is -
Which of the following rRNAs acts as structural RNA as well as ribozyme in bacteria ?
A molecule that can act as a genetic material must fulfill the traits given below, except
DNA-dependent RNA polymerase catalyzes transcription on one strand of the DNA which is called the
Which one of the following is the starter codon ?
Which of the following is required as inducer(s) for the expression of Lac operon?
A complex of ribosomes attached to a single strand of RNA is known as :
Which one of the following is not applicable to RNA?
Balbiani rings are sites of :
Identify the correct order of organisation of genetic material from largest to smallest :
Satellite DNA is important because it :
Gene regulation governing lactose operon of E.coli that involves the lac I gene product is
In sea urchin DNA, which is double stranded, 17% of the bases were shown to be cytosine, The percentages of the other three bases expected to be prese...
Transformation was discovered by :
Select the correct option ;
The figure gives an important concept in the genetic implication of DNA . Fill the blanks A, B and C....
Which of the following is not a property of the genetic code ?
Satellite RNA are present in some :
Genes of interest can be selected from a genomic library by using :
In an inducible operon, the genes are :
One of the most frequently used techniques in DNA fingerprinting is :-
The diagram shows an important concept in the genetic implication of DNA. Fill in the blanks A to C. ...
Which enzyme will be produced in a cell in which there is a non-sense mutation in the lac Y gene ?
Which of the following statements is not true of two genes that show 50% recombination frequency ?
Removal of introns and joining of exons in a defined order during transcription is called
Which one of the following is not a part of a transcription unit in DNA ?
If one strand of DNA has the nitrogenous base sequence as ATCTG, what would be the complementary RNA stand sequence
Ribosomal RNA is actively synthesized in
Removal of RNA polymerase -III from nucleoplasm will affect the synthesis of
The unequivocal proof of DNA as the genetic material came from the studies on a :
What are those structures that appear as 'beads-on-string' in the chromosomes when viewed under electron microscope ?
The 3'-5' phosphodiester linkages inside a polynucleotide chain serve to join -
The lac Operon consists of -
In eukaryotic cell transcription, RNA splicing and RNA capping take place inside the -
Which one of the follwoing statements about the particular entity is true ?
Which one of the following does not follow the central dogma of molecular biology ?
Which one of the following palindromic base sequences in DNA can be easily cut at about the middle by some particular restriction enzyme?
The one aspect which is not a salient feature of genetic code, is its being –
Select the two correct statements out of the four (a-d) statements given below about lac operon. (a) Glucose or galactose may bind with the repressor...
Semi-conservative replication of DNA was first demonstrated in :
Whose experiments cracked the DNA and discovered unequivocally that a genetic code is a "triplet" ?
Removal of introns and joining the exons in a defined order in a transcription unit is called :
What is not true for genetic code?
In the DNA molecule:
Which one of the following pairs of nitrogenous bases of nucleic acids, is wrongly matched with the category mentioned against it?
Which one of the following pairs of codons is correctly matched with their function or the signal for the particular amino acid ?
Polysome is formed by
One gene-one enzyme hypothesis was postulated by -
One turn of the helix in a B-form DNA is approximately -
Which antibiotic inhibits interaction between tRNA and mRNA during bacterial protein synthesis ?
Antiparallel strands of a DNA molecule means that-
Amino acid sequence, in protein synthesis is decided by the sequence of -
E. coli cells with a mustard z gene of the lac operon cannot grow in medium containing only lactose as the source of energy because -
Telomerase is an enzyme which is a -
Using imprints from a plate with complete medium and carrying bacterial colonies, you can select streptomycin resistant mutants and prove that such mu...
Which one of the following hydrolyses internal phosphodiester bonds in a polynucleotide chain ?
Protein synthesis in an animal cell occurs -
Which one of the following makes use of RNA as a template to synthesize DNA -
During transcription holoenzyme RNA polymerase binds to a DNA sequence and the DNA assumes a saddle like structure at the point. What is the sequence ...
After a mutation at a genetic locus the character of an organism changes due to the change in :-
During transcription, if the nucleotide sequence of the DNA strand that is being coded is ATACG, then the nucleotide sequence in the mRNA would be -
Which form of RNA has a structure resembling clover leaf ?
The following ratio is generally constant for a given species :-
In a mutational event, when adenine is replaced by guanine, it is a case of -
During transcription, the DNA site at which RNA polymerase binds is called :-
In the genetic code dictionary, how many codons are used to code for all the 20 essential amino acids : -
What does "lac" refer to in what we call the lac operon ?
During translation initiation in prokaryotes, a GTP molecule is needed in : -
What would happen if in a gene encoding a polypeptide of 50 amino acids, 25th codon (UAU) is mutated to UAA ?
Which one of the following triplet codes, is correctly matched with its specificity for an amino acid in protein synthesis or as 'start' or 'stop' cod...
Degeneration of a genetic code is attributed to the : -
In a DNA percentage of thymine is 20% then what is the percentage of guanine : -
Transformation experiment was first performed on which bacteria : -
In E. Coli, during lactose metabolism repressor binds to : -
Jacob and Monad studied lactose metabolism in E.Coli and proposed operon concept. Operon concept applicable for :
Exon part of m-RNAs have code for : -
Out of 64 codons, 61 codons code for 20 types of amino acid it is called : -
Which of the following reunites the exon segments after RNA splicing ?
Which of the following enzymes are used to join bits of DNA ?
Change in sequence of nucleotide in DNA is called as -
In Negative operon : -
m-RNA is synthesised on DNA template in which direction : -
Gene and cistron words are sometimes used synonymously because : -
Types of RNA polymerase required in nucleus for RNA synthesis : -
Which of the following is initiation codon ?
Method of DNA replication in which two strands of DNA separates and synthesize new strands
Anticodon occurs in :
Length of one loop of B- DNA :
In three dimensional view the molecule of t-RNA is :
Similarity in DNA and RNA :

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Which one of the following is wrongly matched?
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