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All successions irrespective of the habitat proceed to which type of climax community?
The pioneer species in a hydrarch succession are
The species that come to appear in bare area are called
The amount of biomass or organic matter produced per unit area over a time period by plants during photosynthesis is called
Two butterfly species are competing for the same nectar of a flower in a garden. To survive and coexist together, they may avoid competition in the sa...
Given below are two statements: Statement I : Decomposition is a process in which the detritus is degraded into simpler substances by microbes. Statem...
Which one of the following will accelerate phosphorus cycle?
The amount of nutrients, such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium present in the soil at any given time, is referred as :
Which of the following statements is not correct?
In the equation GPP - R = NPPR represents :
In relation to Gross primary productivity and Net primary productivity of an ecosystem, which one of the following statements is correct?
Match the trophic levels with their correct species examples in grassland ecosystem. (A) Fourth trophic level   (i) Crow (B) Second tro...
Which of the following is the most important cause for animals and plants being driven to extinction?
Which of the following ecological pyramids is generally inverted?
What type of ecological pyramid would be obtained with the following data? Secondary consumer : 120 g Primary consumer : 60 g Primary producer : 10 g...
Which ecosystem has the maximum biomass ?
The primary producers of the deep-sea hydrothermal vent ecosystem are
Which of the following would appear as the pioneer organisms on bare rocks?
The term ecosystem was coined by :
Which one of the following is a characteristic feature of cropland ecosystem ?
Most animals that live in deep oceanic waters are -
During ecological succession :
In which of the following both pairs have correct combination?
Secondary Succession takes place on/in :
Vertical distribution of different species occupying different levels in a biotic community is known as :
The mass of living material at a trophic level at a particular time is called :
Most animals are tree dwellers in a:
In an ecosystem the rate of production of organic matter during photosynthesis is termed as :
Match the following and select the correct option: .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;width: 100%} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif...
Given below is a simplified model of phosphorus cycling in a terrestrial ecosystem with four blanks (A-D). Identify the blanks. ...
If 20 J of energy is trapped at producer level, then how much energy will be available to peacock as food in the following chain? Plant → mice → snak...
Which one of the following is a primary consumer in maize field ecosystem ?
Which two distinct microbial processes are responsible for the release of fixed nitrogen as dinitrogen gas (N2) to the atmosphere ?
When man eats fish which feeds on zooplankton which have eaten small plants, the producer in the chain is :
Natural reservoir of phosphorus is :
Which one of the following processes during decomposition is correctly described ?
Secondary productivity is rate of formation of new organic matter by :
Identify the likely organisms (a), (b), (c) and (d) in the food web shown below : ...
The second stage of hydrosere is occupied by plants like
The rate of formation of new organic matter by rabbit in a grassland, is called :
Giiven below is an imaginary pyramid of numbers. What could be one of the possibilities about certain organisms at some of the different levels ? ...
Which one of the following is not a functional unit of an ecosystem?
Which one of the following is not a gaseous biogeochemical cycle in ecosystem ?
Identify the possible link "A" in the following food chain : Plant → insect → frog →"A"→ Eagle
The upright pyramid of number is absent in
Which one of the following animals may occupy more than one trophic levels in the same ecosystem at the same time ?
Both, hydrarch and xerarch successions lead to :
The breakdown of detritus into smaller particles by earthworm is a process called
Which one of the following statements is correct for secondary succession?
Of the total incident solar radiation the proportion of PAR is
Mass of living matter at a trophic level in an area at any time is called :
Which one of the following statements for pyramid of energy is incorrect, whereas the remaining three are correct?
Which of the following representations shows the pyramid of numbers in a forest ecosystem ? ...
The biomass available for consumption by the herbivores and the decomposers is called –
The correct sequence of plants in hydrosere is :
Which one of the following types organisms occupy more than one trophic level in a pond ecosystem ?
About 70% of total global carbon is found in:
Consider the following statements concerning food chains: (i) Removal of 80% tigers from an area resulted in greatly increased growth of vegetation ...
The slow rate of decomposition of fallen logs in nature is due to their:
Which one of the following ecosystem types has the highest annual net primary productivity ?
Which one of the following is not used for construction of ecological pyramids ?
Which of the following is expected to have the highest value (gm/m2/yr) in a grassland ecosystem ?
An ecosystem which can be easily damaged but can recover after some time if damaging effect stops will be having -
Bamboo plant is growing in a far forest then what will be the trophic level of it ?
Plant Decomposers are : -
Which is the reason for highest biomass in aquatic ecosystem ?
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