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When a carrier protein facilitates the movement of two molecules across the membrane in same direction, it is called
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Primary proteins are also called as polypeptides because :
Which of the following pair represents free living nitrogen fixing aerobic bacteria?
Choose the incorrect enzymatic rection:
If DNA contained sulfur instead of phosphorus and proteins contained phosphorus instead of sulfur, what would have been the outcome of Hershey and Cha...
Given below are two statements: Statement I : Amino acids have a property of ionizable nature of $$-$$NH2 and $$-$$COOH groups, hence have different s...
In the enzyme which catalyses the breakdown of: H2O2 $$\to$$ H2O + O2 the prosthetic group is :...
Read the following statements on lipids and find out correct set of statements : (a) Lecithin found in the plasma membrane is a glycolipid (b) Saturat...
Which of the following are not secondary metabolites in plants?
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Following are the statements with reference to 'lipids'.(1) Lipids having only single bonds are called unsaturated fatty acids(2) Lecithin is a phosph...
Identify the substances having glycosidic bond and peptide bond, respectively in their structure
Which one of the following is the most abundant protein in the animals?
Match the following (a) Inhibitor of catalytic activity (i) Ricin (b) Possess peptide bonds (ii) Malonate (c) C...
Identify the wrong statement with reference to the gene ‘I’ that controls ABO blood groups.
Identify the basic amino acid from the following
Concanavalin A is :
Consider the following statements : (A) Coenzyme of metal ion that is tightly bound to enzyme protein is called prosthetic group. (B) A complete catal...
The two functional groups characteristic of sugars are
Which of the following statements is correct with reference to enzymes?
Which of the following are not polymeric?
A non-proteinaceous enzyme is
Which of the following is the least likely to be involved in stablishing the three-dimensional folding of most proteins?
Which of the following describes the given graph correctly? ...
A typical fat molecule is made up of
Which one of the following statements is wrong?
Which of the following biomolecules does have a phosphodiester bond?
The chitinous exoskeleton of arthropods is formed by the polymerisation of
Which one of the following statements is incorrect?
Select the option which is not correct with respect to enzyme action.
Which one of the following is a non - reducing carbohydrate?
Uridine, present only in RNA is a
Which of the following statements about enzymes is wrong?
The figure shows a hypothetical tetrapeptide portion of a protein with parts labelled A - D. Which one of the following options is correct? ...
A phosphoglyceride is always made up of
Macromolecule chitin is
The essential chemical components of many coenzymes are
Transition state structure of the substrate formed during an enzymatic reaction is
Which one of the following biomolecules is correctly characterized?
Which one out of A - D given below correctly represents the structural formula of the basic amino acid? ...
Which one is the most abundant protein in the animal world?
The given diagrammatic representation shows one of the caregories of small molecular weight organic compounds in the living tissues. Identify the cate...
Which one of the following is wrong statement?
The curve given below shows enzymatic activity in relation to three conditions (pH, temperature and substrate concentration). What do the two axes (x...
Which one of the following structural formulae of two organic compounds is correctly identified along with its related function? ...
The figure given below shows the conversion of a substate into product by an enzyme. In which one of the four options (a-d) the components of reaction...
Three of the following statements about enzymes are correct and one is wrong. Which one is wrong?
Carbohydrates are commonly found as starch in plants storage organs. Which of the following five properties of starch (1 $$-$$ 5) make it useful as a ...
Cellulose is the major component of cell walls of
A competitive inhibitor of succinic dehydrogenase is
Modern detergents contain enzyme preparations of
About 98 percent of the mas of every living organism is composed of just six elements including carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and
An organic substance bound to an enzyme and essential for its activity is called
Enzymes, vitamins and hormones can be classified into a single category of biological chemicals, because all of these
The catalytic efficiency of two different enzymes can be compared by the
Which one of the following statements regarding enzyme inhibition is correct?
Which of the following is the simplest amino acid?
Nucleotides are building blocks of nucleic acids. Each nucleotide is a composite molecule formed by
Carbohydrates, the most abundant biomolescule on earth, are produced by
Which one of the following enzymes, is copper necessarily associated as an activator?
The major role of minor elements inside living organisms is to act as
Which of the following is a reducing sugar?
Lipids are insoluble in water because lipid molecules are
Enzyme first used for nitrogen fixation
Role of enzyme in reactions is to/as
Which factor is responsible for inhibition of enzymatic process during feedback?
Enzymes are not found in
Which of the following have carbohydrate as prosthetic group?
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