Breathing and Exchange of Gases
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Identify the region of human brain which has pneumotaxic centre that alters respiratory rate by reducing the duration of inspiration.
Which of the following statements are correct with respect to vital capacity? (a) It includes ERV, TV and IRV (b) Total volume of air a person can ins...
Select the favourable conditions required for the formation of oxyhaemoglobin at the alveoli.
The partial pressures (in mm Hg) of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) at alveoli (the site of diffusion) are :
Assertion (A) : A person goes to high altitude and experiences 'altitude sickness' with symptoms like breathing difficulty and heart palpitations.Reas...
Select the correct events that occur during inspiration. (i) Contraction of diaphragm (ii) Contraction of external inter-costal muscles (iii) Pulmonar...
Identify the wrong statement with reference to transport of oxygen.
Tidal Volume and Expiratory Reserve Volume of an athlete is 500 mL and 1000 mL respectively. What will be his Expiratory Capacity if the Residual Volu...
Respiratory Quotient (RQ) value of tripalmitin is :
Which of the following is an occupational respiratory disorder?
Match the items given in column I with those in column II and select the correct option given below. .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;...
Which of the following options correctly represents the lung conditions in asthma and emphysema, respectively?
Lungs are made up of air-filed sacs, the alveoli. The do not collapse even after forceful expiration, because of
Lungs do not collapse between breaths and some air always remains in the lungs which can never be expelled because
The partial pressure of oxygen in the alveoli of the lungs is
Asthma may be attributed to
Reduction in pH of blood will
Name the chronic repiratory disorder caused mainly by cigarette smoking.
Name the pulmonary disease in which alveolar surface area involved in gas exchage is drastically reduced due to damage in the alveolar walls.
When you hold your breath, which of the following gas changes in blood would first lead to the urge to breathe?
Approximately seventy percent of carbon-dioxide absorbed by the blood will be transported to the lungs
The figure shows a diagrammatic view of human respiratory system with labels A, B, C and D. Select the option which gives correct identification and m...
Which one of the following is the correct statement for respiration in humans?
People who have migrated from the planes to an area adjoining Rohtang Pass about six months back
Which one of the following is a possibility for most of us in regard to breathing, by making a conscious effort?
Bulk of carbon dioxide (CO2) released from body tissues into the blood is present as
A large proportion of oxygen remains unused in the human blood even after its uptake by the body tissues. This O2
The figure given below shows a small part of human lung where exchange of gases takes place. Select the option which represents labelled part (A, B, C...
What is true about RBCs in humans?
Listed below are four respiratory capacities (i $$-$$ iv) and four jumbled respiratory volumes of a normal human adult. .tg {border-collapse:collaps...
What is vital capacity of our lungs?
The haemoglobin of a human foetus
The majority of carbon dioxide produced by our body cells is transported to the lungs as
Which one of the following statements is incorrect?
People living at sea level have around 5 million RBC per cubic millimeter of their blood whereas those living at altitude to 5400 metres have around 8...
Blood analysis of a patient reveals an unusually high quantity of carboxyhaemoglobin content. Which of the following conclusions is most likely to be ...
When CO2 concentration in blood increases breathing becomes
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