Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
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Given below are two statements: one is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as Reason (R). Assertion (A) : When a particular restrictio...
Separation of DNA fragments is done by a technique known as
The enzyme (a) is needed for isolating genetic material from plant cells and enzyme (b) for isolating genetic material from fungus. Choose the correct...
Match List-I with List-II : .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{border-color:black;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;font-fami...
Which of the following methods is not commonly used for introducing foreign DNA into the plant cell?
Refer to the following statements for agarose-gel electrophoresis: (a) Agarose is a natural polymer obtained from sea-weed. (b) The separation of DNA ...
Given below are two statements : one is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as Reason (R). Assertion (A) : Polymerase chain reaction i...
Which one of the following statement is not true regarding gel electrophoresis technique?
During the purification process for recombinant DNA technology, addition of chilled ethanol precipitates out :
Which of the following is not an application of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)?
Which of the following is a correct sequence of steps in a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)?
Plasmid pBR322 has Pst I restriction enzyme site within gene ampR that confers ampicillin resistance. If this enzyme is used for inserting a gene for ...
During the process of gene amplification using PCR, if very high temperature is not maintained in the beginning, then which of the following steps of ...
A specific recognition sequence identified by endonucleases to make cuts at specific positions within the DNA is :
In gel electrophoresis, separated DNA fragments can be visualized with the help of
Bt cotton variety that was developed by the introduction of toxin gene of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is resistant to
Identify the wrong statement with regard to Restriction Enzymes
The specific palindromic sequence which is recognized by EcoRl is
The sequence that controls the copy number of the linked DNA in the vector, is termed
Match the organism with its use in biotechnology (a) Bacillus thuringiensis (i) Cloning vector (b) Thermus aquaticus (ii) ...
Choose the correct pair from the following
DNA precipitation out of a mixture of bimolecules can be achieved by treatment with :
Following statements describe the characteristics of the enzyme Restriction Endonuclease. Identify the incorrect statement.
The correct order of steps in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is
The DNA fragments separated on an agarose gel can be visualised after staining with
What is the criterion for DNA fragments movement on agarose gel during gel electrophoresis ?
DNA fragments are
A gene whose expression helps to identify transformed cell is known as
The process of separation and purification of expressed protein before marketing is called :
Stirred-tank bioreactors have been designed for -
A foreign DNA and plasmid cut by the same restriction endonuclease can be joined to form a recombinant plasmid using
Which of the following is not a component of downstream processing ?
Which of the following restriction enzymes produces blunt ends ?
Which of the following is not a feature of the plasmids ?
The taq polymerase enzyme is obtained from
Which of the following is not required for any of the techniques of DNA fingerprinting available at present?
Which of the following is a restriction endonuclease ?
The DNA molecule to which the gene of interest is integrated for cloning is called -
The cutting of DNA at specific locations became possible with the discovery of -
An analysis of chromosomal DNA using the Southern hybridization technique does not use:
Which vector can clone only a small fragment of DNA ?
Commonly used vectors for human genome sequencing are :
During the process of isolation of DNA, chilled ethanol is added to :
DNA fragments generated by the restriction endonucleases in a chemical reaction can be separated by :
Which of the following is not corretly matched for the organism and its cell wall degrading enzyme ?
The colonies of recombinat bacteria appear white in contrast to blue colonies of non-recombinant bacteria because of :
Biolistics (gene-gun) is suitable for -
Which one of the following represents a palindromic sequence in DNA ?
In genetic engineering, the antibiotics are used
The figure below shows three steps (A, B, C) of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Select the option giving correct identification together with what it...
The figure below is the diagrammatic respesentation o the E.Coli vector pBR 322. Which one of the given options correctly identifies its certain compo...
PCR and Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism are the methods for
A single strand of nucleic acid tagged with a radioactive molecule is called
Which one is a true statement regarding DNA polymerase used in PCR ?
For transformation, micro - particles coated with DNA to be bombarded with gene are made up of
Which one of the following techniques made it possible to genetically engineer living organisms ?
Given below is a sample of a portion of DNA strand giving the base sequence on the opposite strands. What is so special shown in it ? 5' ...............
Agarose extracted from sea weeds finds use in :
There is a restriction endonuclease called EcoRl. What does "co" part in it stand for ?
In genetic engineering, a DNA segment (gene) of interest,is transferred to the host cell through a vector. Consider the following four agents (A-D) in...
DNA or RNA segment tagged with a radioactive moleculer is called –
Which one of the following is used as vector for cloning genes into higher organisms ?
Restriction endonucleases are enzymes which –
Which of the following are used in gene cloning ?
Stirred-tank bioreactors have been designed for –
Which one of the following is commonly used in transfer of foreign DNA into crop plants ?
Gel electrophoresis is used for:
The linking of antibiotic resistance gene with the plasmid vector became possible with:
Restriction endonuclease -
Two microbes found to be very useful in genetic engineering are-
Restriction endonucleases :-
In transgenics expression of transgene in target tissue is determined by :-
In recent years, DNA sequences (nucleotide sequence) of mt-DNA and Y chromosomes were considered for the study of human evolution, because : -
Which one of the following bacteria has found extensive use in genetic engineering work in plants ?
Manipulation of DNA in genetic engineering became possible due to the discovery of : -
A mutant strain of T4 – Bacteriophage, R-II, fails to lyse the E-Coli but when two strains RIIX and R-IIY are mixed then they lyse the E.Coli. What ma...
In lederberg's replica plating experiment what shall be used to obtain streptomycin resistant strain : -
Which of the following cut the DNA from specific places ?
Maximum number of bases in plasmids discovered so far : -
The bacteria generally used for genetic engineering is :
Plasmid has been used as vector because :
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