Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
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The Phenomenon by which the undividing parenchyma cells start to divide mitotically during plant tissue culture is called as
Which of the following can be expected if scientists succeed in introducing apomictic gene into hybrid varieties of crops?
Select the incorrect statement with respect to inbreeding of animals.
Mutations in plant cells can be induced by :
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Which of the following is not an objective of Biofortification of crops?
Which of the following is not a step in Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology (MOET)?
By which method was a new breed ‘Hisardale’ of sheep formed by using Bikaneri ewes and Marino rams?
Which of the following is true for Golden rice?
Select the incorrect statement.
Which of the following statement is incorrect?
Artificial selection to obtain cows yielding higher milk output represents :
Homozygous purelines in cattle can be obtained by :
A true breeding plant is -
Among the following edible fishes, which one is a marine fish having rich source of omeg-3 fatty acids ?
Interspecific hybridisation is the mating of
A system of rotating crops with legume or grass pasture to improve soil structure and fertility is called -
A protoplast is a cell -
Outbreeding is an important strategy of animal husbandry because it :
A technique of micropropagation is
Which of the following enhances or induces fusion of protoplasts ?
In vitro clonal propagation in plants is characterized by :
To obtain virus−free healthy plants from a diseased one by tissue culture technique, which part/parts of the diseased plant will be taken ?
The viability of seeds is tested by :
Tissue culture technique can produce infinite number of new plants from a small parental tissue. The economic importance of the technique is in raisin...
Which of the following statements is not true about somatic embryogenesis ?
In plant breeding programmes, the entire collection (of plants/seeds) having all the diverse alleles for all genes in a given crop is called :
Green revolution in India occurred during -
Which part would be most suitable for raising virus free plants for microporpagation ?
Which one of the following is a case of wrong matching ?
'Himgiri' developed by hybridisation and selection for disease resistance against rust pathogens is a variety of :
"Jaya" and "Ratna" developed for green revolution in India are the varieties of :
A collection of plants and seeds having diverse alleles of all the genes of a crop is called :
Breeding of crops with high levels of minerals, vitamins and proteins is called –
Polyethylene glycol method is used for :
Somaclones are obtained by : -
Haploids are more suitable for mutation studies than the diploids. This is because:
Which one of the following is linked to the discovery of Bordeaux mixture as a popular fungicide ?
Consider the following four measures (1-4) that could be taken to successfully grow chickpea in an area where bacterial blight disease is common: (i)...
Compared to a bull a bullok is docile because of:-
Which one of the following is a viral disease of poultry ?
In maize, hybrid vigour is exploited by:-
In cloning of cattle a fertilized egg is taken out of the mother's womb and:-
In Maize, hybrid vigour is exploited by-
Crop plants grown in monoculture are-
Triticale, the first man-made cereal crop, has been obtained by crossing wheat with
In order to obtain virus-free plants through tissue culture the best method is-
Three crops that contribute maximum to global food grain production are -
The name of Norman Borlaug is associated with-
Which of the following is generally used for induced mutagenesis in crop plants ?
The world's highly prized wool yielding 'Pashmina' breed is -
India's wheat yield revolution in the 1960s was possible primarily due to :-
The technique of obtaining large number of plantlets by tissue culture method is called –
Which of the following plants are used as green manure in crop fields and in sandy soils ?
Maximum application of animal cell culture technology today is in the production of : -
If a diploid cell is treated with colchicine then it becomes : -
What is the reason of formation of embryoid from pollen grain in tissue culture medium ?
Which of the following crops have been brought to India from New world ?
Before the European invader which vegetable was absent in India ?
Which fish selectively feed on larva of mosquito ?
Triticale is obtained by crossing wheat with
Coconut milk is used in tissue culture in which present :
Which statement is correct ?
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