Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
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The residual persistent part which forms the perisperm in the seeds of beet is
In general the egg apparatus of embryo sac in angiosperm consists of
Given below are two statements: Statement I : Cleistogamous flowers are invariably autogamous Statement II : Cleistogamy is disadvantageous as there i...
Identify the incorrect statement related to Pollination:
The term used for transfer of pollen grains from anthers of one plant to stigma of a different plant which, during pollination, brings genetically dif...
Diadelphous stamens are found in
A typical angiosperm embryo sac at maturity is :
In some members of which of the following pairs of families, pollen grains retain their viability for months after release?
The body of the ovule is fused within the funicle at
The plant parts which consist of two generations - one within the other(i) Pollen grains inside the anther (ii) Germinated pollen grain with two male ...
Which one of the following statements regarding post-fertilization development in flowering plants is incorrect?
In some plants, the female gamete develops into embryo without fertilization. This phenomenon is known as :
Pinus seed cannot germinate and establish without fungal association. This is because :
Placentation, in which ovules develop on the inner wall of the ovary or in peripheral part, is :
Persistent nucellus in the seed is known as
What is the fate of the male gametes discharged in the synergid?
Which of the following has proved helpful in preserving pollen as fossils?
Winged pollen grains are present in
Double fertilization is
Functional megaspore in an angiosperm develops into an
Flowers which have single ovule in the ovary and are packed into inflorescence are usualy pollinated by
A dioecious flowering plant prevents both
Attractants and rewards are required for
Double fertilisation is exhibited by
In majority of angiosperms
Pollination in water hyacinth and water lily is brought about by the agency of
The ovule of an angiosperm is technically equivalent to
The coconut water from tender coconut represents
Which one of the following statements is not true?
Seed formation without fertilisation in flowering plants involves the process of
Proximal end of the filament of stamen is attached to the
Which of the following statements is not correct?
In angiosperms, microsporogenesis and mega-sporogenesis
Filiform apparatus is characteristic feature of
Flowers are unisexual in
Coconut water from a tender coconut is
Which one of the following fruits is parthenocarpic?
Male gametophyte in angiosperms produces
Which one of the following may require pollinators, but is genetically similar to autogamy?
Which of the following are the important floral rewards to the animal pollinators ?
Which one of the following statements is not true?
Transmission tissue is characteristic feature of
The hilum is a scar on the
Which one of the following shows isogamy with non-flagellated gametes?
An aggregate fruit is one which develops from
Geitonogamy involves
Pollen tablets are available in the market for
Function of filiform apparatus is to
Non-albuminous seed is produced in
Animal vectors are required for pollination in
Albuminous seeds store their reserve food mainly in
Which one of the following statements is correct?
Megaspores are produced from the megaspore mother cells after
Which of the following statements is correct?
Seed coat is not thin, membranous in
Meiosis takes place in
Perisperm differs from endosperm in
Advantage of cleistogamy is
Megasporangium is equivalent to
Which one of the following statements is correct?
Product of sexual reproduction generally generates
What is the function of germ pore?
Which one of the following statements is wrong?
Plants with ovaries having only one or a few ovules, are generally pollinated by
Both, autogamy and geitonogamy are prevented in
An organic substance that can withstand environmental extremes and cannot be degraded by any enzyme is
Which one of the following is correctly matched?
Even in absence of pollinating agents seed-setting is assured in
In angiosperms, functional megaspore develops into
What is common between vegetative reproduction and apomixts?
Filiform apparatus is a characteristic feature of
Nucellar polyembryony is reported in species of
Which one of the following pollinations is autogamous?
The ''eyes'' of the potato tuber are
Wind pollination is common in
Vegetative propagation in Pistia occurs by
Examine the figures (A-D) given below and select the right option out of (a – d), in which all the four structures A, B, C and D are identified correc...
Apomictic embryos in Citrus arise form
Transfer of pollen grains from the another to the stigma of another flower of the same plant is called
Wind pollinated flowers are
Vegetative propagation in mint occurs by
Which one of the following is resistant to enzyme action?
What does the filiform apparatus do at the entrance into ovule?
Which one of the following pairs of plant structures has haploid number of chromosomes ?
Unisexuality of flowers prevents
Male gametes in angiosperms are formed by the division of
Two plants can be conclusively said to belong to the same species if they
Which one of the following is surrounded by a callose wall?
Parthenocarpic tomato fruits can be produced by
In a cereal grain the single cotyledon of embryo is represented by
The arrangement of the nuclei in a normal embryo sac in the dicot plants is
In a type of apomixis known as advice embryony, embryos develop directly from the
Through which cell of the embryo sac, does the pollen tube enter the embryo sac?
Which one of the following represents an ovule, where the embryo sac becomes horse-shoe shaped and the funiculus and micropyle are close to each other...
When a diploid female plant is crossed with a tetraploid male, the ploidy of endosperm cells in the resulting seed is
An ovule which becomes curved so that the nucellus and embryo sac lie at right angles to the funicle is
Anthesis is a phenomenon which refers to
In a flowering plant, archesporium gives rise to
In angiosperms pollen tube liberate their male gametes into the
In angiosperm all the four microspores of tetrad are covered by a layer which is formed by
What is the direction of micropyle in anatropous ovule?
Anemophily type of pollination is found in
In grasses what happens in microspore mother cell for the formation of mature pollen grains?
Adventive embryony in Citrus is due to
Eight nucleated embryo sac is
Endosperm is formed during the double fertilization by
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