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Transport in Plants
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Identify the correct statements regarding Mass flow hypothesis. (A) Mass flow is faster than diffusion. (B) Mass flow is the result of pressure differ...
During symport two different molecules move across the membrane :
Given below are two statements : Statement I : The process of translocation through phloem is unidirectional but through xylem, it is bidirectional....
Movement and accumulation of ions across a membrane against their concentration gradient can be explained by
Given below are two statements : Statement I : The forces generated transpiration can lift a xylem-sized column of water over 130 meters height. Stat...
Identify the correct statements: A. Lenticels are the lens-shaped openings permitting the exchange of gases. B. Bark formed early in the season is cal...
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The ascent of xylem sap is plants in mainly accomplished by the
Which of the following is not observed during apoplastic pathway?
Addition of more solutes in a given solution will:
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The process responsible for facilitating loss of water in liquid form from the tip of grass blades at night and in early morning is
Xylem translocates:
Stomatal movement is not affected by
The water potential of pure water is
Which of the following facilitates opening of stomatal aperture?
A few drops of sap were collected by cutting across a plant stem by a suitable method. The sap was tested chemically. Which one of the following test ...
Root pressure develops due to
A column of water within xylem vessels of tall trees does not break under its weight because of
In a ring girdled plant
Transpiration and root pressure cause water to rise in plants by
Which one gives the most valid and recent explanation for stomatal movement?
Which of the following criteria does not pertain to facilitated transport?
Guttation is the result of
In land plants, the guard cells differ from other epidermal cells in having
Given below is the diagram of a stomatal apparatus. In which of the following all the four parts labelled as A, B, C and D are correctly identified? ...
Guard cells help in
The rupture and fractionation do not usually occur in the water column in vessel/tracheids during the ascent of sap because of
Two cells A and B are contiguous. Cell A has osmotic pressure 10 atm, turgor pressure 7 atm and diffusion pressure deficit 3 atm. Cell B has osmotic p...
The translocation of organic solutes in sieve tube members is supported by
Potometer works on the principle of
Stomata of a plant open due to
Main functional of lenticel is
Opening and closing of stomata is due to the
Glycolate induces opening of stomata in
Loading of phloem is related to
Passive absorption of minerals depends on
The movement of ions against the concentration gradient will be
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