Structural Organisation in Animals
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The Cockroach is :
Given below are two statements : Statement I : In cockroach, the forewings are transparent and prothoracic in origin. Statement II : In cockroach...
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Given below are two statements: Statement I : Ligaments are dense irregular tissue. Statement II : Cartilage is dense regular tissue. In the light of ...
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In cockroach, excretion is brought about by - A. Phallic gland B. Urecose gland C. Nephrocytes D. Fat body E. Collaterial glands Choose the correct an...
Which of the following is characteristic feature of cockroach regarding sexual dimorphism?
Which of the following types of epithelium is present in the bronchioles and Fallopian tubes?
Match List-I with List-II regarding the organs of Cockroach: .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{border-color:black;border-style...
Choose the correct statements: (a) Bones support and protect softer tissues and organs (b) Weight bearing function is served by limb bones (c) Ligamen...
Excretion in cockroach is performed by all, EXCEPT:
In which of the following animals, digestive tract has additional chambers like crop and gizzard?
Which of the following is not a connective tissue?
Tegmina in cockroach, arises from
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Which of the following statements wrongly represents the nature of smooth muscle?
Which of the following characteristics is incorrect with respect to cockroach?
Identify the types of cell junctions that help to stop the leakage of the substances across a tissue and facilitation of communication with neighbouri...
Following are the statements about prostomium of earthworm.(1) It serves as a covering for mouth.(2) It helps to open cracks in the soil into which it...
Cuboidal epithelium with brush border of microvilli is found in
Which of the statements given below is not true about formation of Annual Rings in trees?
Select the correct sequence of organs in the alimentary canal of cockroach starting from mouth :
The ciliated epithelial cells are required to move particles or mucus in a specific direction. In humans, these cells are mainly present in :
Which of the following features is used to identify a male cockroach from a female cockroach?
Select the correct route for the passage of sperms in male frogs :
Frog’s heart when taken out of the body continues to beat for sometime. Select the best option from the following statements. (a) Frog is a poikilothe...
In male cockroaches, sperms are stored in which part of the reproductive system ?
Smooth muscles are
Which type of tissue correctly matches with its locations ?
Which of the following features is not present in Periplaneta americana?
The body cell in cockroach discharge their nitrogenous waste in the haemolymph mainly in the form of -
The function of the gap junction is to -
The terga, sterna and pleura of cockroach body are joined by :
Choose the correctly matched pair :
Choose the correctly matched pair:
Select the correct option with respect to Cockroaches :-
Identify the tissue shown in the diagram and match with its characteristics and its location :- ...
What external changes are visible after the last moult of a cockroach nymph ?
Given below is the diagrammatic sketch of a certain type of connective tissue. identify the parts labeled A, B, C and D and select the right option ab...
The supportive skeletal structures in the human external ears and in the nose tip are examples of
The four sketches (A, B, C and D) given below, represent four different types of animal tissues. Which one of these is correctly identified in the opt...
Compared to those of humans, the erythrocytes in frog are :
Select the correct statement from the ones given below with respect to Periplaneta americana
Frogs differ from humans in possessing :
The cells lining the blood vessels belongs to the category of :
Which one of the following structure in pheretima is correctly matched with its function ?
One very special feature in the earthworm pheretima is that :
The ciliated columnar epithelial cells in humans are known to occur in :
Which of the following is correctly stated as it happens in the common cockroach ?
Which one of the following pairs of structures is correctly matched with their corrected description ?
The cells lining the blood vessels belongs to the category of :
The cell junctions called tight, adhering and gap junctions are found in :
Which one of the following correctly described the location of some body parts in the earthworm Pheretima ?
The kind of tissue that forms the supportive structure in our pinna (external ears) is also found in -
The epithelial tissue present on the inner surface of bronchioles and fallopian tubes is :
Which one of the following is correct pairing of a body part and like kind of muscle tissue that moves it ?
Earthworms have no skeleton but during burrowing the anterior end becomes turgid and acts as a hydraulic skeleton. It is due to:
Which one of the following is the true description about an animal concerned?
Which one of the following pairs of structures distinguishes a nerve cell from other types of cell ?
In which one of the following preparations are you likely to come across cell junctions most frequently ?
Areolar connective tissue joins-
Mast cells secrete-
Earthworms are -
Four healthy people in their twenties got involved in injuries resulting in damage and death of a few cell of the following. Which of the cells are le...
Mast cells of connective tissue contain -
Which one of the following contains the largest quantity of extracellular material ?
Melanin protect from :-
Collagen is : -
Which cells do not form layer and remains structurally seperate ?
During an injury Nasal septum gets damaged and for it's recovery which cartilage prefered : -
Proteoglycan in cartilages which is part of polysaccharide is
Characteristic of simple epithelium is that they
Which pair is correct ?
Primary function of enteronephric nephridia of Pheretima :
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