Cell Cycle and Cell Division
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Identify the correct sequence of events during Prophase I of meiosis: (a) Synapsis of homologous chromosomes (b) Chromosomes become gradually visible ...
Which one of the following never occurs during mitotic cell division?
The appearance of recombination nodules on homologous chromosomes during meiosis characterizes:
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Which of the following stages of meiosis involves division of centromere?
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The fruit fly has 8 chromosomes (2n) in each cell. During interphase of Mitosis if the number of chromosomes at G1 phase is 8, what would be the numbe...
Which stage of meiotic prophase shows terminalisation of chiasmata as its distinctive feature?
The centriole undergoes duplication during :
Some dividing cells exit the cell cycle and enter vegetative inactive stage. This is called quiescent stage (G0). This process occurs at the end of...
Match the following with respect to meiosis (A) Zygotene      (i) Terminalization (B) Pachytene     (ii) ...
Dissolution of the synaptonemal complex occurs during
Identify the correct statement with regard to G1 phase (Gap 1) of interphase
The correct sequence of phases of cell cycle is :
Cells in G0 phase :
The stage during which separation of the paired homologous chromosomes begins is
Anaphase Promoting Complex (APC) is a protein degradation machinery necessary for proper mitosis of animal cell. If APC is defective in a human cell, ...
Which of the following options gives the correct sequence of events during mitosis?
During cell growth, DNA synthesis takes place on
When cell has stalled DNA replication fork, which checkpoint should be predominantly activated?
Match the stages of meiosis in column I to their characteristic features in column II and select the correct option using the codes given below. .tg...
Spindle fibres attach on to
In meiosis crossing over is initiated at
Which of the following is not a characteristic feature during mitosis in somatic cells?
Arrange the following events of meiosis in correct sequence (i)  Crossing over (ii)  Synapsis (iii)  Terminalisation of...
A somatic cell that has just completed the S phase of its cell cycle, as compared to gamete of the same species, has
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During which phase(s) of cell cycle, amount of DNA in a cell remains at 4C level if the initial amount is denoted as 2C?
In 'S' phase of the cell cycle
The enzyme recombinase is required at which stage of meiosis?
During meiosis I, the chromosomes start pairing at
During the metaphase stage of mitosis, spindle fibres attach to chromosomes at
A stage of mitosis is shown in the diagram. Which stage is it and what are its characteristics? ...
A stage in cell division is shown in the figure. Select the answer which gives correct identification of the stage with its characteristics. ...
The complex formed by a pair of synapsed homologous chromosomes is called
Identify the meiotic stage in which the homologous chromosomes separate while the sister chromatids remain associated at their centromeres.
During gamete formation, the enzyme recombinase participates during
Given below is the representation of a certain event at a particular stage of a type of cell division. Which is this stage? ...
At metaphase, chromosomes are attached to the spindle fibres by their
Select the correct option with respect to mitosis.
During mitosis, ER and nucleolus begin to disappear at
Which stages of cell division do the following figures A and B represent respectively? ...
Synapsis occurs between
Given below is a schematic break-up of the phases/stages of cell cycle. Which one of the following is the correct indication of the stage/phase in the...
At what stage of the cell cycle are histone proteins synthesized in a eukaryotic cell?
In the somatic cell cycle
If you are provided with root-tips of onion in your class and are asked to count the chromosomes, which of the following stages can you most convenien...
Which one of the following precedes reformation of the nuclear envelope during M phase of the cell cycle?
Mitotic spindle is mainly composed of which protein?
Best material for the study of mitosis in laboratory is
Spindle fibre unite with which structure of chromosomes?
In which stage of cell cycle, DNA replication occurs?
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