Locomotion and Movement
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Which of the following statements are correct regarding skeletal muscle? A. Muscle bundles are held together by collagenous connective tissue layer ca...
Choose the correct statement about a muscular tissue
According to the sliding filament theory:
Gout is a type of disorder which leads to:
Given below are two statements : one is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as Reason (R). Assertion (A) : Osteoporosis is characteris...
Which of the following is a correct match for disease and its symptoms?
Chronic auto immune disorder affecting neuro muscular junction leading to fatigue, weakening and paralysis of skeletal muscle is called as :
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During muscular contraction which of the following events occur?(1) 'H' zone disappears(2) 'A' band widens(3) 'I' band reduces in width(4) Myosine hyd...
Match the following columns and select the correct option. Column-I Column-II (a) Floating Ribs (i) Located between seco...
Select the correct option :
Which of the following muscular disorders is inherited?
Calcium is important in skeletal muscle contraction because it
The pivot joint between atlas and axis is a type of
Out of 'X' pairs of ribs in humans only 'Y' pairs are true ribs. Select the option that correctly represents values of X and Y and provides their expl...
Name the ion responsible for unmasking of active sites for myosin for cross-bridge activity during muscle contraction.
Osteoporosis, an age-related disease of skeletal system, may occur due to
Lack of relaxation between successive stimuli in sustained muscle contraction is known as
Which of the following is not a function of the skeletal system?
Which of the following joints would allow no movements?
Glenoid cavity articulates
Sliding filament theory can be best explained as
Stimulation of a muscle fiber by a motor neuron occurs at
Select the correct matching of the type of the joint with the example in human skeletal system.
During muscle contraction in humans, the
Select the correct statement with respect to disorders of muscles in humans.
The H-zone in the skeletal muscle fibre is due to
Select the correct statement with respect to locomotion in humans.
The characteristic and an example of a synovial joint in humans is
Which one of the following pairs of chemical substances, is correctly categarised ?
Select the correct statement regarding the specific disorder of muscular or skeletal system.
The type of muscles present in our
Three of the following pairs of the human skeletal parts are correctly matched with their respective inclusive skeletel category and one pair is not m...
Which one of the following is the correct description of a certain part of a normal human skeleton?
Elbow joint is an example of
Which one of the following is the correct matching of three items and their grouping category?
Which one of the following items gives its correct total number?
In human body, which one of the following is anatomically correct?
The contractile protein of skeletal muscle involving ATPase activity is
An acromian process is characteristically found in the
Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?
What will happen if ligaments are torn?
Which cartilage is present at the end of long bones?
What is sarcomere?
Sternum is connected to ribs by
What is the name of joint between ribs and sternum?
Bone related with skull is

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Which statement is correct for muscle contraction?
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