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JEE Advanced 2023 Paper 1 Online
A gas has a compressibility factor of 0.5 and a molar volume of $0.4 ~\mathrm{dm}^3 \mathrm{~mol}^{-1}$ at a temperature of $800 \mathrm{~K}$ and pres...
JEE Advanced 2016 Paper 1 Offline
The diffusion coefficient of an ideal gas is proportional to its mean free path and mean speed. The absolute temperature of an ideal gas is increased ...
IIT-JEE 2011 Paper 1 Offline
To an evacuated vessel with movable piston under external pressure of 1 atm, 0.1 mol of He and 1.0 mol of an unknown compound (vapour pressure 0.68 at...
IIT-JEE 2009 Paper 2 Offline
At 400 K, the root mean square (rms) speed of a gas X (molecular weight = 40) is equal to the most probable speed of gas Y at 60 K. The molecular weig...
IIT-JEE 1992
At 27oC, hydrogen is leaked through a tiny hole into a vessel for 20 minutes. Another unknown gas at the same temperature and pressure as that of H2 i...
IIT-JEE 1987
A spherical balloon of 21 cm diameter is to be filled up with hydrogen at N.T.P from a cylinder containing the gas at 20 atmospheres at 27oC. If the c...

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JEE Advanced 2015 Paper 2 Offline
One mole of a monoatomic real gas satisfies the equation p(V $$-$$ b) = RT where b is a constant. The relationship of interatomic potential V(r) and i...
IIT-JEE 2011 Paper 1 Offline
According to kinetic theory of gases
IIT-JEE 2008 Paper 1 Offline
A gas described by van Der Waals equation

MCQ (Single Correct Answer)

IIT-JEE 2012 Paper 1 Offline
For one mole of a van der Waals gas when b = 0 and T = 300 K, the PV vs. 1/V plot is shown below. The value of the van der Waals constant a (atm L2 mo...
IIT-JEE 2009 Paper 1 Offline
The term that corrects for the attractive forces present in a real gas in the van der Waals equation is


IIT-JEE 1999
One mole of nitrogen gas at 0.8 atm takes 38 s to diffuse through a pinhole. whereas one mole of an unknown compound of xenon with flourine at 1.6 atm...
IIT-JEE 1994
An LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cylinder weighs 14.8 kg when empty. When full, it weighs 29.0 kg and shows a pressure of 2.5 atm. In the course of us...
IIT-JEE 1994
A 4 : 1 molar mixture of He and CH4 is contained in a vessel at 20 bar pressure. Due to a hole in the vessel the gas mixture leaks out. What is the co...
IIT-JEE 1993
A gas bulb of 1 litre capacity contains 2.0 $$\times$$ 1021 molecules of nitrogen exerting a pressure of 7.57 $$\times$$ 103 Nm-2. Calculate the root...
IIT-JEE 1992
At room temperature the following reacton is procedd nearly to completion: 2NO + O2 $$\to$$ 2NO2 $$\to$$ N2O4 The dimer, N2O4, solidifies at 262 K....
IIT-JEE 1991
Calculate the volume occupied by 5.0 g of acetylene gas at 50oC and 740 mm pressure.
IIT-JEE 1985
Calculate the root mean square velocity of ozone kept in a closes vessel at 20oC and 82 cm mercury pressure.
IIT-JEE 1982
At room temparature, ammonia gas at 1 atm pressure and hydrogen chloride gas at P atm pressure are allowed to effuse through identical pin holes from ...
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