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Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure
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Consider the following compounds in the liquid form :O2, HF, H2O, NH3, H2O2, CCl4, CHCl3, C6H6, C6H5ClWhen a charged comb is brought near their flowin...
The structure of a peptide is given below. If the absolute values of the net charge of the peptide at pH = 2, pH = 6, and pH = 11 are and |Z3|, respec...
Among $${H_2},H{e_2}^ + ,L{i_2},$$ $$B{e_2},{B_2},{C_2},{N_2},O_2^ - $$ and $${F_2},$$ the number of diamagnetic species is (Atomic numbers : $$H = ...
Among the triatomic molecules/ions, BeCl2, $$N_3^-$$, N2O, $$NO_2^+$$, O3, SCl2, $$ICl_2^-$$, $$I_3^-$$ and XeF2, the total number of linear molecule(...
A list of species having the formula XZ4 is given below. XeF4, SF4 ,SiF4, $$BF_4^-$$, $$BrF_4^-$$, [Cu(NH)3]2+, [FeCl4]2-, [CoCl4]2- and [PtCl4]2- Def...
Based on VSEPR theory, the number of 90 degree F-Br-F angles in BrF5 is
There are ______ $$\pi$$ bonds in a nitrogen molecule.

MCQ (More than One Correct Answer)

With respect to hypochlorite, chlorate and perchlorate ions, choose the correct statement(s).
Each of the following options contains a set of four molecules. Identify the option(s) where all four molecules posses permanent dipole moment at room...
Among the following, the correct statement(s) is (are)
According to Molecular Orbital Theory, which of the following statements is(are) correct?
The compound(s) with TWO lone pairs of electrons on the central atom is(are)
When O2 is adsorbed on a metallic surface, electron transfer occurs from the metal to O2. The true statement(s) regarding this adsorption is(are)...
Hydrogen bonding plays a central role in the following phenomena
Which of the following have identical bond order?
The molecules that will have dipole moment are
The linear structure is assumed by
CO2 is isostructural with

MCQ (Single Correct Answer)

The geometries of the ammonia complexes of Ni2+, Pt2+ and Zn2+, respectively, are
Assuming 2s – 2p mixing is NOT operative, the paramagnetic species among the following is
Match the orbital overlap figures shown in List I with the description given in List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the l...
The shape of XeO2F2 molecule is
Geometrical shapes of the complexes formed by the reaction of Ni2+ with Cl-, CN- and H2O respectively are
Assuming that Hund’s rule is violated, the bond order and magnetic nature of the diatomic molecule B2 is
The species having pyramidal shape is
Match each of the diatomic molecules in Column I with its property/properties in Column II: .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{...
The species having bond order different from that in CO is
Among the following the paramagnetic compound is
Which species has the maximum number of lone pair of electrons on the central atom?
According to molecular orbital theory which of the following statement about the magnetic character and bond order is correct regarding $$O_2^+$$
Which of the following are isoelectronic and isostructural? $$NO_3^-$$, $$CO_3^{2-}$$, $$ClO_3^-$$, SO3
Specify the coordination geometry around and hybridisation of N and B atoms in a 1 : 1 complex of BF3 and NH3
Identify the least stable ion amongst the following
Which of the following molecular species has unpaired electrons(s)?
The common features among the species CN-, CO and NO+ are
Molecular shape of SF4, CF4 and XeF4 are
The hybridisation of atomic orbitals of nitrogen in $$NO_2^+$$, $$NO_3^-$$ and $$NH_4^+$$ are
The correct order of increasing C - O bond length of CO, $$CO_3^{2-}$$, CO2 is
The geometry of H2S and its dipole moment are
The geometry and the type of hybrid orbital present about the central atom in BF3 is
Read the following Assertion and Reason and answer as per the options given below Assetion: LiCl is predominantly a covalent compound Reason : Electr...
The critical temperature of water is higher than that of O2 because the H2O molecule has
Which contains both polar and non-polar bonds?
Which one of the following compounds has sp2 hybridization?
The number and type of bonds between two carbon atoms in CaC2 are:
Among the following species, identity the isostructural pairs NF3, $$NO_3^-$$, BF3, H3O+ , HN3
Which one is most ionic
Number of paired electrons in O2 molecules is
Pick out the isoelectronic structures from the following I. $$CH_3^+$$ II. $$H_3O^+$$ III. $$NH_3$$ IV. $$CH_3^-$$
The maximum number of hydrogen bonds a water molecule can form is
The cyanide ion, CN- and N2 are isoelectronic, But in contrast to CN-, N2 is chemically inert, because of
The type of hybrid orbitals used by the chlorine atom in $$ClO_2^-$$ is
The molecule which has zero dipole moment is:
The molecule which has pyramidal shape is
The compound in which $$\mathop C\limits^* $$ uses its sp3 hybrid orbitals for bond formation is
Which of the following is paramagnetic?
The molecule that has linear structure is
The species in which the central atom uses sp2 hybrid orbitals in its bonding is
Hydrogen bond is maximum in
The bond between two identical non-metal atoms has a pair of electrons
The hydrogen bond is strongest in
The hybridisation of sulphur in sulphur dioxide is
The molecule having one unpaired electron is
On hybridization of one s and one p orbitals we get:
Carbon tetrachloride has no net dipole moment because of
Which one among the following does not have the hydrogen bond?
The types of bonds present in CuSO4.5H2O are only
The ion that is isoelectronic with CO is
Among the following, the molecule that is linear is
The compound with no dipole moment is
If a molecule MX3 has zero dipole moment, the sigma bonding orbitals used by M (atomic number < 21) are
Element X is strongly electropositive and element Y is strongly electronegative. Both are univalent. The compound formed would be
Which of the following compounds are covalent?
The total number of electrons that take part in forming the bond in N2 is
Which of the following is soluble in water?
The compound which contains both ionic and covalent bonds is
The octet rule is not valid for the molecule


Arrange the following : In the decreasing order of the O - O bond length present in them O2, KO2 and O2[AsF4]...
Draw the structure of XeF4 and OSF4 according to VSEPR theory clearly indicating the state of hybridisation of the central atom and lone pair of elect...
Using VSEPR Theory draw the shape of PCl5 and BrF5
Write down the M.O. electron distribution of O2. Specify its bond order and magnetic property.
Interpret the non-linear shape of H2S molecule and non-planar shape of PCl3 using valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) theory. (Atomic number...
A compound of vanadium has a magnetic moment of 1.73 BM. Work out the electronic configuration of the vanadium ion in the compound.
Using the VSEPR theory, identify the type of hybridization and draw the structure of OF2. What are the oxidation states of O and F?
The dipole moment of KCl is 3.336 $$\times$$ 10-29 Coulomb meters which indicates that it is a highly polar molecule. The interatomic distance between...
Arrange the following : Increasing strength of hydrogen bonding (X-H-X): O, S, F, Cl, N
Arrange the following : N2, O2, F2, Cl2 in increasing order of bond dissociation energy
Write the lewis dot structure of the following: O3, COCl2
How many sigma bonds and how many pi-bonds are present in a benzene molecule?

Fill in the Blanks

When N2, the N-N bond distance _____ and when O2 goes to $$O_2^+$$ the O-O bond distance ___.
The two types of bond present in B2H6 are covalent and _______.
The shape of [CH3]+ is _____.
____ hybrid orbitals of nitrogen atom are involved in the formation of ammonium ion.
The angle between two convalent bonds is maximum in ________. (CH4, H2O, CO2)

True or False

The dipole moment of CH3F is greater than of CH3Cl
The presence of polar bonds in a poly-atomic molecule suggests that the molecule has non-zero dipole moment.
sp2 hybrid orbitals have equal s and p character.
In benzene, carbon uses all the three p-orbitals for hybridisation.
All molecules with polar bonds have dipole moment.
SnCl2 is a non-linear molecule
Linear overlap of two atomic p-orbitals leads to a sigma bond.
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