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MCQ (More than One Correct Answer)

The compound(s) formed upon combustion of sodium metal in excess air is (are)
The species present in solution when CO2 is dissolved in water are
MgSO4 on reaction with NH4OH and Na2HPO4 forms a white crystalline precipitate. What is its formula?
Highly pure dilute solution of sodium in liquid ammonia
The species that do not contain peroxide ions are
When zeolite, which is hydrated sodium aluminium silicate is treated with hard water the sodium ions are exchanged with

MCQ (Single Correct Answer)

The question contains STATEMENT - 1 (Assertion) and STATEMENT - 2 (Reason) and has 4 choices (a), (b), (c) and (d) out of which ONLY ONE is correct. S...
A sodium salt on treatment with MgCl3 gives white precipitate only on heating. The anion of the sodium salt is
The set representing the correct order of first ionization potential is
The following compounds have been arranged in order of their increasing thermal stabilities. Identify the correct order K2CO3 (A), MgCO3 (B), CaCO3 (C...
Statement (S) The alkali metals can form ionic hydrides which contain the hydride ion H-. Explanation (E) The alkali metals have low electronegativity...
The volume strength of 1.5 N H2O2 solution is
The metallic lustre exhibited by sodium is explained by
The pair of compound which cannot exist together in solution is:
Hydrogen gas will not reduce
The oxide that gives hydrogen peroxide on treatment with a dilute acid is
Molecular formula of Glauber's salt is:
The hydration energy of Mg++ is larger than that of:
Heavy water is
A solution of sodium metal in liquid ammonia is strongly reducing due to the presence of
Calcium is obtained by
HCL is added to the following oxides. Which one would give H2O2?
The substance absorbs CO2 and violently reacts with water. The substance is


Give reasons of the following: BeCl2 can be easily hydrolysed.
Work out the following using chemical equation : Chlorination of calcium hydroxide produces bleaching powder.
Hydrogen peroxide acts both as an oxidising and as a reducing agent in alkaline solution towards certain first row transition metal ions. Illustrate b...
Give reasons of the following: The crystalline salts of alkaline earth metals contain more water of crystallisation than the corresponding alkali meta...
To a 25ml H2O2 solution, excess of acidified solution of potassium iodide was added. The iodine liberated required 20 ml of 0.3 N sodium thiosulphate ...
Give reactions for the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide with potassium permanganate in acidic medium.
Element A burns in nitrogen to give an ionic compound B. Compound B reacts with water to give C and D. A solution of C becomes 'milky' on bubbling car...
Arrange the following sulphates of Alkaline earth metals in order of decreasing thermal stability : BeSO4, MgSO4, CaSO4, SrSO4...
Explain the difference in the nature of bonding in LiF and LiI.
A 5.0 cm3 solution of H2O2 liberates 0.508 g of iodine from an acidified KI solution. Calculate the strength of H2O2 solution in terms of volume stren...
Complete and balance the following reactions: Ca5(PO4)3F + H2SO4 + H2O $$\buildrel {Heat} \over \longrightarrow $$ ........ + 5CaSO4.2H2O + ...........
Give briefly the isolation of magnesium from sea water by the Dow process. Give equations for the steps involved.
Give reasons of the following: Hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxidising as well as a reducing agent.
Write down the balanced equation for the reaction when: Carbon dioxide is passed through a suspension of lime stone in water.
Write down the balanced equation for the reaction when: Potassium ferricyanide reacts with hydrogen peroxide in basic solution
Write down the balanced equation for the reaction when: Carbon dioxide is passed through a concentrated aqueous solution of sodium chloride saturated ...
Give reasons of the following: Magnesium oxide is used for the lining of steel making furnace.
Give reasons of the following: Why is sodium chloride added during electrolysis of fused anhydrous magnesium chloride?
Give reasons of the following: Hydrogen peroxide is a better oxidising agent than water.
Write down the balanced equations for the reaction when: Calcium phosphate is heated with a mixture of sand and carbon;
How will you prepare bleaching powder from slaked lime.
Write down the balanced equations for the reaction when: An alkaline solution of potassium ferricyanide is reacted with hydrogen peroxide.
Give reasons of the following: Sodium carbonate is made by Solvay process but the same process is not extended to the manufacture of potassium carbona...

Fill in the Blanks

Ca2+ has a small ionic radius than K+ because it has ______.
The electrolysis of molten sodium hydride liberates ____ gas at the _____
Sodium dissolved in liquid ammonia conducts electricity because ________.
The absorption of hydrogen by palladium is commonly known as ______.
Anhydrous MgCl2 is obtained by hydrated salt with ______.

True or False

Sodium when burnt in excess of oxygen gives sodium oxide.
The softness of group I-A metals increases down the group with increasing atomic number.
MgCl2.6H2O on heating give anhydrous MgCl2
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