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Mineral Nutrition


Previous Years Questions

MCQ (Single Correct Answer)

Match Column - I with Column - II. .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{border-color:black;border-st...
NEET 2021
The product(s) of reaction catalyzed by nitrogenase in root nodules of leguminous plants is/are
NEET 2020 Phase 1
Match the following concerning essential elements and their functions in plants (a) Iron     &n...
NEET 2020 Phase 1
In which of the following forms is iron absorbed by plants?
NEET 2018
Which of the following elements is responsible for maintaining turgor in cells?
NEET 2018
In which of the following all three are macronutrients?
NEET 2016 Phase 1
Which is essential for the growth of root tip?
NEET 2016 Phase 2
Minerals known to be required in large amounts for plant growth include
AIPMT 2015 Cancelled Paper
During biological nitrogen fixation, inactivation of nitrogenase by oxygen poisoning is prevented by
AIPMT 2015
The oxygen evolved during photosynthesis, comes from water molecules. Which one of the following pairs of elements is in...
AIPMT 2015
Deficiency symptoms of nitrogen and potassium are visible first in
AIPMT 2014
Specialized cells for fixing atmospheric nitrogen in Nostoc are
NEET 2013 (Karnataka)
Which of the following elements is a constituent of biotin?
NEET 2013 (Karnataka)
Which two distinct microbial processes are responsible for the release of fixed nitrogen as dinitrogen gas (N2) to the a...
NEET 2013 (Karnataka)
The first stable product of fixaation of atmospheric nitrogen in leguminous plants is
NEET 2013
For its action, nitrogenase requires
AIPMT 2012 Mains
Which one of the following is correctly matched?
AIPMT 2012 Prelims
Best defined function of manganese in green plants is
AIPMT 2012 Prelims
Which one of the following helps in absorption of phosphorus from soil by plants?
AIPMT 2011 Prelims
Nitrifying bacteria
AIPMT 2011 Prelims
The function of leghaemoglobin in the root nodules of legumes is
AIPMT 2011 Prelims
Which one of the following is not an essential mineral element for plants while the remaining three are?
AIPMT 2011 Mains
Which one of the following elements in plants is not remobilised?
AIPMT 2011 Prelims
Study the cycle shown below and select the option which gives correct words for all the four blanks A, B, C and D. ...
AIPMT 2010 Mains
An element playing important role in nitrogen fixation is
AIPMT 2010 Prelims
Which one of the following is not a micronutrient?
AIPMT 2010 Prelims
Leguminous plants are able to fix atmospheric nitrogen through the process of symbiotic nitrogen through the process of ...
AIPMT 2010 Mains
Manganese is required in
AIPMT 2009
A plant requires magnesium for
AIPMT 2007
Which one of the following elements is not an essential micronutrient for plant growth?
AIPMT 2007
Sulphur is an important nutrient for optimum growth and productivity in
AIPMT 2006
The deficiencies of micronutrients, not only affects growth of plants but also vital functions such as photosynthetic an...
AIPMT 2005
If by radiation all nitrogenase enzyme are inactivated, then there will be no
AIPMT 2004
Gray spots of oat are caused by deficiency of
AIPMT 2003
Boron in green plants assists in
AIPMT 2003
Choose the correct match. Bladderwort, sundew, Venus flytrap
AIPMT 2002
Which aquatic fern performs nitrogen fixation?
AIPMT 2001
Roots of which plant contains a red pigment which have affinity for oxygen?
AIPMT 2001
Plants take zinc in the form of
AIPMT 2000
When the plants are grown in magnesium deficient but urea rich soil, the symptoms expressed are
AIPMT 2000
Mg is a component of
AIPMT 2000

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