Application of Derivatives
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A particle is projected vertically upwards and is at a height h after t1 seconds and again after t2 seconds then
The equation of the tangent to the conic $${x^2} - {y^2} - 8x + 2y + 11 = 0$$ at (2, 1) is
A particle is moving in a straight line. At time t, the distance between the particle from its starting point is given by x = t $$-$$ 6t2 + t3. Its ac...
The Rolle's theorem is applicable in the interval $$-$$1 $$\le$$ x $$\le$$ 1 for the function
The distance covered by a particle in t seconds is given by x = 3 + 8t $$-$$ 4t2. After 1 second its velocity will be
If the rate of increase of the radius of a circle is 5 cm/sec., then the rate of increase of its area, when the radius is 20 cm, will be
Angle between y2 = x and x2 = y at the origin is
If the normal to the curve y = f(x) at the point (3, 4) makes an angle 3$$\pi$$/4 with the positive x-axis, then f'(3) is
The equation of normal of $${x^2} + {y^2} - 2x + 4y - 5 = 0$$ at (2, 1) is
The point in the interval [0, 2$$\pi$$], where $$f(x) = {e^x}\sin x$$ has maximum slope, is
The co-ordinates of the point on the curve $$y = {x^2} - 3x + 2$$ where the tangent is perpendicular to the straight line y = x are
The acceleration of a particle starting from rest moving in a straight line with uniform acceleration is 8m/sec2. The time taken by the particle to mo...
A particle moving in a straight line starts from rest and the acceleration at any time t is $$a - k{t^2}$$ where a and k are positive constants. The m...
Two particles A and B move from rest along a straight line with constant accelerations f and f' respectively. If A takes m sec. more than that of B an...
If the tangent at the point P with co-ordinates (h, k) on the curve y2 = 2x3 is perpendicular to the straight line 4x = 3y, then
If the tangent to the curve y2 = x3 at (m2, m3) is also a normal to the curve at (m2, m3), then the value of mM is...
Let $$f(x) = {x^{13}} + {x^{11}} + {x^9} + {x^7} + {x^5} + {x^3} + x + 12$$.Then
In open interval $$\left( {0,\,{\pi \over 2}} \right)$$
Consider the curve $$y = b{e^{ - x/a}}$$, where a and b are non-zero real numbers. Then
If the radius of a spherical balloon increases by 0.1%, then its volume increases approximately by
The law of motion of a body moving along a straight line is x = $${1 \over 2}$$ vt. x being its distance from a fixed point on the line at time t and ...
A ladder 20 ft long leans against a vertical wall. The top end slides downwards at the rate of 2 ft per second. The rate at which the lower end moves ...
The normal to the curve $$y = {x^2} - x + 1$$, drawn at the points with the abscissa $${x_1} = 0$$, $${x_2} = - 1$$ and $${x_3} = {5 \over 2}$$
Let, $$F(x) = {e^x},G(x) = {e^{ - x}}$$ and $$H(x) = G(F(x))$$, where x is a real variable. Then, $${{dH} \over {dx}}$$ at x = 0 is
The chord of the curve $$y = {x^2} + 2ax + b$$, joining the points where x = $$\alpha$$ and x = $$\beta$$, is parallel to the tangent to the curve at ...
The value of K in order that f(x) = sin x $$-$$ cos x $$-$$ kx + 5 decreases for all positive real values of x is given by


A train moving with constant acceleration takes t seconds to pass a certain fixed point and the front and back end of the train pass the fixed point w...
Prove that the centre of the smallest circle passing through origin and whose centre lies on y = x + 1 is $$\left( { - {1 \over 2},{1 \over 2}} \right...
If the area of a rectangle is 64 square units, find the minimum value possible for its perimeter.

MCQ (More than One Correct Answer)

From a balloon rising vertically with uniform velocity v ft/sec a piece of stone is let go. The height of the balloon above the ground when the stone ...
The greatest and least value of $$f(x) = {\tan ^{ - 1}} - {1 \over 2}\,ln \,x\,on\,\left[ {{1 \over {\sqrt 3 }},\sqrt 3 } \right]$$ are
A particle is projected vertically upwards. If it has to stay above the ground for 12 sec, then
Tangent is drawn at any point P(x, y) on a curve, which passes through (1, 1). The tangent cuts X-axis and Y-axis at A and B respectively. If AP : BP ...
Two particles A and B move from rest along a straight line with constant accelerations f and h, respectively. If A takes m seconds more than B and des...
A particle is in motion along a curve 12y = x3. The rate of change of its ordinate exceeds that of abscissa in
Let $$f(x) = \cos \left( {{\pi \over x}} \right),x \ne 0$$, then assuming k as an integer,
If the line ax + by + c = 0, ab $$ \ne $$ 0, is a tangent to the curve xy = 1 $$-$$ 2x, then
Two particles move in the same straight line starting at the same moment from the same point in the same direction. The first moves with constant velo...
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