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States of Matter
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MCQ (More than One Correct Answer)

An ideal gas in thermally insulated vessel at internal pressure = p1, volume = V1 and absolute temperature = T1 expands irreversibly against zero exte...

True or False

A mixture of ideal gas is cooled upto liquid helium temperature (4.22K) to form an ideal solution
In the van der Waal's equation (P + $${{{n^2}a} \over {{V^2}}}$$)(V - nb) = nRT the constant 'a' reflects the actual volume of the gas molecules.
Kinetic Energy of a Molecule is zero at 0oC.
A gas in a closed container will exert much higher pressure due to gravity at the bottom than at the top.

Fill in the Blanks

Eight gram each of oxygen and hydrogen at 27oC will have the total kinetic energy in the ratio of _______.
The rate of diffusion of gas is _______ proportional to both ________ and square root of molecular mass.
Cp - Cv for an ideal gas is _______


The value of PV for 5.6 litres of an ideal gas is ________ RT, at NTP.
The total energy of one mole of an ideal monatomic gas at 27o is _______ calories.

MCQ (Single Correct Answer)

The average velocity of an ideal gas molecule at 27oC is 0.3m/sec. The average velocity at 927oC will be
Rate of diffusion of a gas is
Equal weights of methane and hydrogen are mixed in an empty container at 25oC. The fraction of the total pressure exerted by hydrogen is
Helium atom is two times heavier than a hydrogen molecule. At 298 K, the average kinetic energy of a helium atom is
Equal weights of methane and oxygen are mixed in an empty container at 25oC. The fraction of the total pressure exerted by oxygen is
The temperature at which a real gas obeys the ideal gas aws over a wide range of pressure is
The ratio of root mean square velocity to average velocity of a gas molecule at a particular temperature is
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