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Marks 1

Which one of the following facilitates transfer of bulk data from hard disk to main memory with the highest throughput?
A computer handles several interrupt sources of which of the following are relevant for this question. $$ * \,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,$$ Interrupt from $...
A $$CPU$$ generally handles an interrupt by executing an interrupt service routine
Normally user programs are prevented from handling $${\rm I}/O$$ directly by $${\rm I}/O$$ instructions in them. For $$CPUs$$ having explicit $${\rm I...
Which one of the following is true for a $$CPU$$ having a single interrupt request line and single interrupt grant line?
How many $$8$$-bit characters can be transmitted per second over $$9600$$ baud serial communication link using a parity synchronous mode of transmissi...
In serial data transmission, every byte of data is padded with a $$‘0’$$ in the beginning and one or two $$‘1’s$$ at the end of byte because
A processor needs software interrupt to
Which of the following device should get higher priority on assigning interrupts?
Which of the following is true?
The correct matching for the following pairs is ...
It gives non-uniform priority to various devices.
In a vectored interrupt
Start and stop bits do not contain 'information' but these are used in serial communication for

Marks 2

The following are some events that occur after a device controller issues an interrupt while process $$L$$ is under execution. $$(P)$$ The processor p...
On a non-pipe-lined sequential processor, a program segment, which is a part of the interrrupt service routine, is given to transfer $$500$$ bytes fro...
A device with data transfer rate $$10$$ $$KB/sec$$ is connected to a $$CPU.$$ Data is transferred byte-wise. Let the interrupt overhead be $$4$$ $$\mu...
Consider the disk drive with the following specifications $$16$$ surfaces, $$512$$ tracks/surface, $$512$$ sectors/track, $$1$$ $$KB/sector$$, rotatio...
A Hard disk with a transfer rate of $$10Mbytes/second$$ is constantly transferring data to memory using $$DMA.$$ The processor runs at $$600MHz$$ and ...
A graphics card has on board memory of $$1$$ $$MB.$$ Which of the following modes can the card not support?
RAID configurations of disks are used to provide
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