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Solid State


Previous Years Questions

MCQ (Single Correct Answer)

Copper crystallises in fcc unit cell with cell edge length of 3.608 $$\times$$ 10$$-$$8 cm. The density of copper is 8.9...
NEET 2022
Choose the correct statement:
NEET 2022
Given below are two statements : one is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as Reason (R). Assertion (A)...
NEET 2022
Right option for the number of tetrahedral and octahedral voids in hexagonal primitive unit cell are :
NEET 2021
The correct option for the number of body centred unit cells in all 14 types of Bravais lattice unit cells is :
NEET 2021
An element has a body centered cubic (bcc) structure with a cell edge of 288 pm. The atomic radius is :
NEET 2020 Phase 1
A compound is formed by cation C and anion A. The anions form hexagonal close packed (hcp) lattice and the cations occup...
NEET 2019
Iron exhibits bcc structure at room temperature. Above 900°C, it transforms to fcc structure. The ratio of density of ir...
NEET 2018
Lithium has a bcc structure. Its density is 530 kg m$$-$$3 and its atomic mass is 6.94 g mol$$-$$. Calculate the edge le...
NEET 2016 Phase 1
In calcium fluoride, having the fluorite structure, the coordination numbers for calcium ion (Ca2+) and fluoride ion (F$...
NEET 2016 Phase 2
The ionic radii of A+ and B$$-$$ ions are 0.98 $$ \times $$ 10$$-$$10 m and 1.81 $$ \times $$ 10$$-$$10 m. The coordinat...
NEET 2016 Phase 1
A given metal crystallises out with a cubic structure having edge length of 361 pm. If there are four metal atoms in one...
AIPMT 2015 Cancelled Paper
The correct statement regarding defects in crystalline solids is
AIPMT 2015
The vacant space in bcc lattice unit cell is
AIPMT 2015
If $$a$$ is the length of the side of a cube, the distance between the body centered atom and one corner atom in the cu...
AIPMT 2014
The number of carbon atoms per unit cell of diamond unit cell is
NEET 2013
A metal has a fcc lattice. The edge length of the unit cell is 404 pm. The density of the metal is 2.72 g cm$$-$$3. The ...
NEET 2013
Structure of a mixed oxide is cubic close packed (ccp). The cubic unit cell of mixed oxide is composed of oxide ions. On...
AIPMT 2012 Mains
The number of octahedral void(s) per atom present in a cubic close-packed structure is
AIPMT 2012 Prelims
A metal crystallises with a face-centred cubic lattice. The edge of the unit cell is 408 pm. The diameter of the metal a...
AIPMT 2012 Prelims
A solid compound XY has NaCl structure. If the radius of the cation is 100 pm, the radius of the anion (Y$$-$$) will be...
AIPMT 2011 Mains
AB crystallizes in a body centered cubic lattice with edge length '$$a$$' equal to 387 pm. The distance between two oppo...
AIPMT 2010 Prelims
Copper crystallises in a face-centred cubic lattice with a unit cell length of 361 pm. What is the radius of copper atom...
AIPMT 2009
Lithium metal crystallises in a body-centred cubic crystal. If the length of the side of the unit cell of lithium is 351...
AIPMT 2009
Which of the following statements is not correct?
AIPMT 2008
Percentage of free space in a body centred cubic unit cell is
AIPMT 2008
If $$a$$ stands for the edge length of the cubic systems: simple cubic, body centred cubic and face centred cubic, then ...
AIPMT 2008
With which one of the following elements silicon should be doped so as to give p-type of semiconductor?
AIPMT 2008
If NaCl is doped with 10$$-$$4 mol% of SrCl2, the concentration of cation vacancies will be (NA = 6.02 $$ \times $$ 1023...
AIPMT 2007
The fraction of total volume occupied by the atoms present in a simple cube is
AIPMT 2007
CsBr crystallises in a body centered cubic lattice. The unit cell length is 436.6 pm. Given that the atomic mass of Cs =...
AIPMT 2006
The appearance of colour in solid alkali metal halides is generally due to
AIPMT 2006
In a face-centered cubic lattice, a unit cell is shared equally by how many unit cells?
AIPMT 2005
A compound formed by elements X and Y crystallises in a cubic structure in which the X atoms are at the face-centres. Th...
AIPMT 2004
The pyknometric density of sodium chloride crystal is 2.165 $$ \times $$ 103 kg m$$-$$3 while its X-ray density is 2.178...
AIPMT 2003
When Zn converts from melted state to its solid state, it has hcp structure, then find the number of nearest atoms. ...
AIPMT 2001
Cation and anion combines in a crystal to form following type of compound
AIPMT 2000
In cube of any crystal A-atom placed at every corners and B-atom placed at every centre of face. The formula of compound...
AIPMT 2000

MCQ (More than One Correct Answer)

Which is the incorrect statement?
NEET 2017

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