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NEET 2023 Manipur
The correct van der Waals equation for 1 mole of a real gas is :
NEET 2023 Manipur
The correct option in which the density of argon (Atomic mass = 40) is highest:
NEET 2023
Which amongst the following options is correct graphical representation of Boyle's law?
NEET 2022 Phase 2
Four gas cylinders containing He, N2, CO2 and NH3 gases separately are gradually cooled from a temperature of 500 K. Which gas will liquify first? (Gi...
NEET 2022 Phase 1
Which one is not correct mathematical equation for Dalton's Law of partial pressure? Here p = total pressure of gaseous mixture where pi = partial pre...
NEET 2022 Phase 1
A 10.0 L flask contains 64 g of oxygen at 27$$^\circ$$C. (Assume O2 gas is behaving ideally). The pressure inside the flask in bar is (Given R = 0.083...
NEET 2021
Choose the correct option for graphical representation of Boyle's law, which shows a graph of pressure vs. volume of a gas at different temperatures :
NEET 2021
Choose the correct option for the total pressure (in atm.) in a mixture of 4g O2 and 2g H2 confined in a total volume of one litre at 0$$^\circ$$C is ...
NEET 2020 Phase 1
A mixture of N2 and Ar gases in a cylinder contains 7g of N2 and 8g of Ar. If the total pressure of the mixture of the gases in the cylinder is 27 bar...
NEET 2019
A gas at 350 K and 15 bar has molar volume 20 percent smaller than that for an ideal gas under the same conditions. The correct option about the gas a...
NEET 2018
The correction factor ‘a’ to the ideal gas equation corresponds to
NEET 2018
Given van der Waals’ constant for NH3 , H2, O2 and CO2 are respectively 4.17, 0.244, 1.36 and 3.59, which one of the following gases is most easily ...
NEET 2016 Phase 1
Equal moles of hydrogen and oxygen gases are placed in a container with a pin-hole through which both can escape. What fraction of the oxygen escapes ...
AIPMT 2015
A gas such as carbon monoxide would be most likely to obey the ideal gas law at
NEET 2013 (Karnataka)
What is the density of N2 gas 227oC and 5.00 atm. pressure? (R = 0.082 L atm K$$-$$1 mol$$-$$1)
NEET 2013
Maximum deviation from ideal gas is expected from
AIPMT 2012 Mains
A certain gas takes three times as long to effuse out as helium. Its molecular mass will be
AIPMT 2012 Mains
For real gases van der Waals equation is written as $$\left( {p + {{a{n^2}} \over {{V^2}}}} \right)$$ (V $$-$$ nb) = n RT where $$a$$ and $$b$$ are va...
AIPMT 2012 Mains
Equal volumes of two monoatomic gases, A and B at same temperature and pressure are mixed. The ratio of specific heats (Cp/Cv) of the mixture will be ...
AIPMT 2012 Prelims
50 mL of each gas A and of gas B takes 150 and 200 seconds respectively for effusing through a pin hole under the similar conditions. If molecular mas...
AIPMT 2011 Mains
A bubble of air is underwater at temperature 15oC and the pressure 1.5 bar. If the bubble rises to the surface where the temperature is 25oC and the p...
AIPMT 2011 Prelims
By what factor does the average velocity of a gaseous molecule increase when the temperature (in Kelvin) is doubled ?
AIPMT 2011 Prelims
A gaseous mixture was prepared by taking equal mole of CO and N2. If the total pressure of the mixture was found 1 atmosphere, the partial pressure of...
AIPMT 2011 Prelims
Two gases A and B having the same volume diffuse through a porous partition in 20 and 10 seconds respectively. The molecular mass of A is 49 u. Molecu...
AIPMT 2011 Prelims
In Duma's method of estimation of nitrogen 0.35 g of an organic compound gave 55 mLof nitrogen collected at 300 K temperature and 715 mm pressure. The...
AIPMT 2010 Mains
The pressure exerted by 6.0 g of methane gas in a 0.03 m3 vessel at 129oC is (Atomic masses : C = 12.01, H = 1.01 and R = 8.314 J K$$-$$1 mol$$-$$1 ...
AIPMT 2009
The energy absorbed by each molecule (A2) of a substance is 4.4 $$ \times $$ 10$$-$$19 J and bond energy per molecule is 4.0 $$ \times $$ 10$$-$$19 J....
AIPMT 2008
If a gas expands at constant temperature, it indicates that
AIPMT 2008
Volume occupied by one molecule of water (density = 1 g cm$$-$$3) is
AIPMT 2003
In Haber process 30 litres of dihydrogen and 30 litres of dinitrogen were taken for reaction which yielded only 50% of the expected product. What will...
AIPMT 2002
Van der Waal's real gas, acts as an ideal gas, at which conditions?
AIPMT 2001
The beans are cooked earlier in pressure cooker because
AIPMT 2000
Which of the following expressions correctly represents the relationship between the average molar kinetic energy, KE, of CO and N2 molecules at the s...
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