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GATE ME 2017 Set 1
Cylindrical pins of diameter $${15^{ \pm 0.020}}\,\,mm$$ are being produced on a machine. Statistical quality control tests show a mean of $$14.995$$ ...
GATE ME 2016 Set 1
Match the following ...
GATE ME 2015 Set 2
Which one of the following statements is TRUE?
GATE ME 2015 Set 1
Holes of diameter $${25.0^{\matrix{ { + 0.040} \cr { + 0.020} \cr } }}\,\,mm$$ are assembled interchangeably with the pins of diameter $${...
GATE ME 2014 Set 2
The flatness of a machine bed can be measured using
GATE ME 2014 Set 1
Which one of the following instruments is widely used to check and calibrate geometric features of machine tools during their assembly?
GATE ME 2013
A metric thread of pitch $$2$$ $$mm$$ and thread angle 60° is inspected for its pitch diameter using 3-wire method. The diameter of the best size wire...
GATE ME 2012
In an interchangeable assembly, shafts of size $${25.000^{\matrix{ { + 0.040} \cr { - 0.010} \cr } }}\,\,mm$$ mate with holes of size $${2...
GATE ME 2011
A hole is dimension $$\phi {9^{\matrix{ { + 0.015} \cr { + 0\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,} \cr } }}\,mm.$$ The corresponding shaft is of dimension ...
GATE ME 2006
Ring gage is used to measure
GATE ME 2005
In order to have interference fit, it is essential that the lower limit of the shaft should be
GATE ME 2001
Allowance in limits and fits refers to
GATE ME 1996
The fit on a hole-shaft system is specified as $$H7$$-$$s6.$$ The type of fit is
GATE ME 1995
Slip gauges are calibrated by outside micrometer
GATE ME 1995
Checking the diameter of a hole using GO and NOGO gauges is an example of inspection by …………… (variables/attributes)
GATE ME 1989
Appropriate instrument to check the flatness of slip gage is
GATE ME 1988
In an engineering drawing one finds the designation of $$20G7F8.$$ The position of tolerance of the hole is indicated by
GATE ME 1987
The hole $${40^{\matrix{ {0.020} \cr { + 0.000} \cr } }}$$ & shaft, $${40^{\matrix{ { + 0.010} \cr { - 0.010} \cr } }}$$ w...

Marks 2

GATE ME 2017 Set 2
A cylindrical pin $$25_{ + 0.010}^{ + 0.020}\,\,mm$$ diameter is electroplated. Plating thickness is $${2.0^{ \pm 0.005}}\,\,mm$$. Neglecting the g...
GATE ME 2017 Set 1
Assume that the surface roughness profile is triangular as shown schematically in the figure. If the peak to valley height is $$20$$ $$\mu m$$ The cen...
GATE ME 2016 Set 2
For the situation shown in the figure below the expression for $$H$$ in terms of $$r, R$$ and $$D$$ is ...
GATE ME 2016 Set 3
Two optically flat plates of glass are kept at a small angle $$\theta $$ as shown in the figure. Monochromatic light is incident vertically. If the...
GATE ME 2015 Set 1
In the assembly shown below, the part dimensions are: $$\eqalign{ & {L_1} = {22.0^{ \pm 0.01}}\,\,mm, \cr & {L_2} = {L_3} = {10.0^{ \pm...
GATE ME 2014 Set 1
For the given assembly : $$25$$ $$H7/g8,$$ match Group $$A$$ with Group $$B$$ ...
GATE ME 2014 Set 4
A $$GO-No$$ $$GO$$ plug gauge is to be designed for measuring a hole of nominal diameter $$25$$ $$mm$$ with a hole tolerance of $$ \pm 0.015\,\,mm.$$ ...
GATE ME 2014 Set 3
The diameter of a recessed ring was measured by using two spherical balls of diameter $${d_2} = 60mm$$ and $${d_1} = 40mm$$ as shown in the figure. ...
GATE ME 2013
Cylindrical pins of $${25^{\matrix{ { + 0.020} \cr { + 0.010} \cr } }}\,\,mm$$ diameter are electroplated in a shop. Thickness of the pla...
GATE ME 2010
A shaft has a dimension $$\phi $$ $${35^{\matrix{ { - 0.009} \cr { - 0.025} \cr } }}$$. The respective values of fundamental deviation and...
GATE ME 2010
A taper hole is inspected using a $$CMM,$$ with a probe of $$2mm$$ diameter. At a height, $$Z=10mm$$ from the bottom, $$5$$ points are touched and a d...
GATE ME 2009
What are the upper and lower limits of the shaft represented by $$60{f_8}$$? Use the following data: Diameter $$60$$ lies in the diameter step of $$50...
GATE ME 2008
A displacement sensor (a dial indicator) measures the lateral displacement of a mandrel on the taper hole inside a drill spindle. The mandrel axis is ...
GATE ME 2007
A hole is specified as $${40^{\matrix{ {0.050} \cr {0.000} \cr } }}\,\,mm.$$ The mating shaft has a clearance fit with minimum clearance o...
GATE ME 2004
A hole of diameter $${25.00^{ + 0.01}}\,\,mm$$ is to be inspected by using GO / NO GO gages. The size of the GO plug gage should be
GATE ME 2003
The dimensional limits on a shaft of $$25h7$$ are
GATE ME 2003
A threaded nut of $$M16, $$ $$ISO$$ metric type having $$2$$ $$mm$$ pitch with a pitch diameter of $$14.701$$ $$mm$$ is to be checked for its pitch di...
GATE ME 2003
A part shown in the gig is machined to the sizes given below With $$100\% $$ confidence, the resultant dimension $$W$$ will have the specification ...
GATE ME 1997
$$3$$ blocks of $${B_1},\,\,{B_2},\,\,{B_3}$$ are to be inserted in a channel of width $$'S'$$ maintaining a minimum gap of width $$T=0.125mm,$$ as sh...
GATE ME 1993
A shaft of diameter $${20^{\matrix{ { + 0.05} \cr { - 0.15} \cr } }}\,\,mm$$ and a hole of diameter $${20^{\matrix{ { + 0.20} \cr ...
GATE ME 1992
Two shafts $$A$$ and $$B$$ have their diameters specified as $$100 \pm 0.1\,\,mm$$ and $$0.1 \pm 0.0001\,\,mm$$ respectively. Which of the following ...
GATE ME 1991
A bush was turned after mounting the same on a mandrel. The mandrel diameter in millimeters is $${40^{\matrix{ { + 0.00} \cr { - 0.05} \cr ...
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