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Marks 1

Metric thread of $$0.8$$ $$mm$$ pitch is to be cut on a lathe. Pitch of the lead screw is $$1.5$$ $$mm.$$ If the spindle rotates at $$1500$$ $$rpm,$$ ...
Internal gears are manufactured by
The following data is applicable for a turning operation. The length of job is $$900$$ $$mm,$$ diameter of job is $$200$$ $$mm,$$ feed rate is $$0.25$...
In a machining operation, if the generatrix and directrix both are straight lines, the surface obtained is
Two separate slab milling operations, $$1$$ and $$2,$$ are performed with identical milling cutters. The depth of cut in operation $$2$$ is twice that...
Match the Machine Tools (Group A) with the probable Operations (Group B) ...
A steel bar $$200$$ $$mm$$ in diameter is turned at a feed of $$0.25$$ $$mm/rev$$ with a depth of cut of $$4$$ $$mm.$$ The rotational speed of the wor...
Internal gear cutting operation can be performed by
Quality screw threads are produced by
A good cutting fluid should have
A lead screw with half nuts in a lathe, free to rotate in both directions has
Trepanning is performed for
The hardness of a grinding wheel is determined by the
Allowance in limits and fits refers to
Deep hole drilling of small diameter, say $$0.2$$ $$mm$$ is done with $$EDM$$ by selecting the tool material as
Abrasive material used in grinding wheel selected for grinding ferrous alloys is
Helix angle of fast helix drill is normally
The rake angle in drill
The rake angle in drill
Diamond wheels should not be used for grinding steel components
Among the conventional machining processes, maximum specific energy is consumed in
Plain milling of mild steel plates produces
To get good surface finish on a turned job, one should use a sharp tool with a ......... Feed rate and ............... Speed of rotation of the job.
In horizontal milling process ............................ (up/down) milling provides better surface finish and .............................. Up/down...
If the longitudinal feed in center-less grinding is expressed by $${V_f} = \pi \,D.\,\,N\,\sin \,\alpha ,\,\,D$$ stands for
In small lot production for machining $$T-$$slots on machine tables, it is expected to use
When $$1.0\% $$ plain carbon steel is slowly cooled from the molten state to $$740C,$$ the resulting structure will contain
Teeth of internal spur gears can be accurately cut in a
Gear hobbing produces more accurate gears than milling because in hobbing
Minimum dimensional and form accuracy can be obtained in the cylinder bores of automobile engines if the bores are finished by
Cutting speed in grinding is set to a high value to
The standard specification of a grinding wheel is $$A-46-M-6-V-21.$$ It means a wheel of
In twist drills ......... (small/large) point angle and ........ (small/large) helix angle are provided for drilling soft, low strength steel.

Marks 2

A block of length $$200$$ $$mm$$ is machined by a slab milling cutter $$34$$ $$mm$$ in diameter. The depth of cut and table feed are set at $$2$$ $$mm...
A shaft of length $$90$$ $$mm$$ has a tapered portion of length $$55$$ $$mm.$$ The diameter of the taper is $$80$$ $$mm$$ at one end and $$65$$ $$mm$$...
A hole of $$20$$ $$mm$$ diameter is to be drilled in a steel block of $$40$$ $$mm$$ thickness. The drilling is performed at rotational speed of $$400$...
In a single pass drilling operation, a through hole of $$15$$ $$mm$$ diameter is to be drilled in a steel plate of $$50$$ $$mm$$ thickness. Drill spin...
The figure shows an incomplete schematic of a conventional lathe to be used for cutting threads with different pitches. The speed gear box $${U_v}$$ i...
If each abrasive grain is viewed as a cutting tool, then which of the following represents the cutting parameters in common grinding operations?
A $$600$$ $$mm$$ $$ \times \,\,30\,\,mm$$ flat surface of a plate is to be finish machined on a shaper. The plate has been fixed with the $$600$$ $$m...
Through holes of $$10$$ $$mm$$ diameter are to be drilled in steel plate of $$20$$ $$mm$$ thickness. Drill spindle speed is $$300$$ $$rpm,$$ feed $$0....
The time taken to drill a hole though a $$25$$ $$mm$$ thick plate with the drill rotating at $$300$$ $$rpm$$ and moving at a feed rate of $$0.25$$ $$m...
The abrasive material used in grinding wheel selected for grinding of ferrous alloys is
Machine tool, structures are made ................. for high process capability (tough/ rigid/ strong)
Determine the transformation ratio $$(TR)$$ of the gear train connecting the spindle and the lead screw of $$4TPI$$ required to cut $$1.0mm$$ pitch sc...
A grinding wheel $$A$$ $$27$$ $$K7$$ $$V$$ is specified for finish grinding of a $$HSS$$ cutting tool. What do you understand about the wheel from the...
A milling cutter having $$8$$ teeth is rotating at $$150$$ $$rpm.$$ If the feed per tooth is $$0.1$$ $$mm,$$ the speed in $$mm$$ per minute is
Component process ...
Match the products and their manufacturing process ...
A milling cutter having $$10$$ teeth is rotating at $$100$$$$rpm$$. The table feed is set at $$50mm$$ per minute. The feed per tooth in $$mm$$ is
For cutting double start screw threads of pitch $$1.0$$ $$mm$$ on a lathe, the thread cutting tool should have a feed rate of
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