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Marks 1

Match the following part programming codes with their respective functions ...
GATE ME 2016 Set 3
During the development of a product, an entirely new process plan is made based on design logic, examination of geometry...
GATE ME 2015 Set 2
A drill is positioned at point $$P$$ and it has to proceed to point $$Q.$$ The coordinates of point $$Q$$ in the increme...
GATE ME 2015 Set 2
The function of interpolator in a $$CNC$$ machine controller is to
GATE ME 2015 Set 1
A robot arm $$PQ$$ with end coordinates $$P(0,0)$$ and $$Q(2,5)$$ rotates counter clockwise about $$P$$ in the $$XY$$ pl...
GATE ME 2014 Set 2
For machining a rectangular island represented by coordinates $$P(0,0), Q(100,0), R(100,50)$$ and $$S(0,50)$$ on a cast...
GATE ME 2014 Set 1
A $$CNC$$ vertical milling machine has to cut a straight slot of $$10$$ $$mm$$ width and $$2$$ $$mm$$ depth by a cutter ...
GATE ME 2012
For generating coon's surface we require
GATE ME 2008
Which type of motor is used in axial or spindle drives of $$CNC$$ m/c tools
GATE ME 2007
$$NC$$ contouring is an example of
GATE ME 2006
Machining of complex shapes on $$CNC$$ machines requires
GATE ME 2002
In computer aided drafting practice, an arc is defined by
GATE ME 2000
Cellular manufacturing is suitable for
GATE ME 2000
$$CNC$$ machines are more accurate than conventional machines because they have a high resolution encoder and digital re...
GATE ME 1994
$$CNC$$ machines are more economical to use even for simple turning jobs.
GATE ME 1994
In $$PTP$$ type of $$NC$$ system
GATE ME 1992
Numerically controlled machine tools are better suited for .................. (batch/mass) production, because their set...
GATE ME 1991
In $$NC$$ part programming spindle speed of $$730rpm$$ will be coded by the magic - $$3$$ rule as
GATE ME 1989

Marks 2

Circular arc on a part profile is being machined on a vertical $$CNC$$ milling machine. $$CNC$$ part program using metri...
GATE ME 2017 Set 1
A point $$P\left( {1,\,\,\,3,\,\,\, - 5} \right)$$ is translated by $$2\widehat i + 3\widehat j - 4\widehat k$$ and then...
GATE ME 2016 Set 3
The figure below represents a triangle $$PQR$$ with initial coordinates of the vertices as $$P(1,3),$$ $$Q(4,5)$$ and $$...
GATE ME 2016 Set 1
In a $$CNC$$ milling operation, the tool has to machine the circular arc from point $$(20, 20)$$ to $$(10, 10)$$ at sequ...
GATE ME 2015 Set 3
A triangular facet in a $$CAD$$ model has vertices: $${P_1}\left( {0,0,0} \right);\,\,{P_2}\left( {1,1,0} \right)$$ and ...
GATE ME 2015 Set 1
For the $$CNC$$ part programming, match Group A with Group B: ...
GATE ME 2014 Set 2
In a $$CAD$$ package, mirror image of a $$2D$$ points $$P(5, 10)$$ is to be obtained about a line which passes through t...
GATE ME 2013
In a $$CNC$$ program block, $$N002\,\,\,\,G02\,\,\,\,G91\,\,\,\,X40\,\,\,\,Z40....,\,\,\,\,G02\,\,\,\,\& \,\,\,\,G91$$ ...
GATE ME 2010
Match the following ...
GATE ME 2009
In the feed drive of a point to point open loop $$CNC$$ drive, a stepper motor rotating at $$200steps/rev$$ drives a tab...
GATE ME 2008
In the feed drive of a point to point open loop $$CNC$$ drive, a stepper motor rotating at $$200steps/rev$$ drives a tab...
GATE ME 2008
Which among the $$NC$$ operations given below are continuous path operations? Arc Welding $$(A$$ $$W)$$, Milling $$(M),...
GATE ME 2005
The tool of an $$NC$$ machine has to move along a circular arc from $$(5,5)$$ to $$(10,10)$$ while performing an operati...
GATE ME 2005
During the execution of a CNC part program block $$NO20\,\,\,\,GO2\,\,\,\,X45.0\,\,\,\,Y25.0\,\,\,\,R5.0.$$ The type of...
GATE ME 2004
In a $$2-D$$ $$CAD$$ package, clockwise circular arc of radius, $$5,$$ specified from $${P_1}\left( {15,10} \right)$$ t...
GATE ME 2004
In finish machining of an island on a casting with $$CNC$$ milling machine, an end mill with $$10$$ $$mm$$ diameter is e...
GATE ME 2000
A cylinder of $$155$$ $$mm$$ is to be reduced $$150$$ $$mm$$ diameter in one turning cut with a feed of $$0.15$$ $$mm$$/...
GATE ME 1998
In a point to point control $$NC$$ machine, the slides are positioned by an integrally mounted stepper motor drive. If t...
GATE ME 1997
With reference to $$NC$$ machines, which of the following statements is wrong?
GATE ME 1993


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