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Marks 1

GATE ME 2017 Set 2
Consider a laminar flow at zero over a flat plate . The shear stress at the wall is denoted by $${\tau _w}.$$ The axial positions $${x_1}$$ and $${x_2...
GATE ME 2017 Set 1
For steady flow of a viscous incompressible fluid through a circular pipe of constant diameter, the average velocity in the fully developed region is ...
GATE ME 2015 Set 3
Three parallel pipes connected at the two ends have flow-rates $$\,\,\,{Q_1},\,\,\,{Q_2},\,\,\,\,$$ and $${Q_3}$$ respectively, and the corresponding ...
GATE ME 2015 Set 3
Couette flow is characterized by
GATE ME 2015 Set 1
Consider fully developed flow in a circular pipe with negligible entrance length effects. Assuming the mass flow rate, density and friction factor to ...
GATE ME 2010
Maximum velocity of a one-dimensional incompressible fully developed viscous flow, between two fixed parallel plates, is $$6\,\,m{s^{ - 1}}.$$ Then me...
GATE ME 2009
The velocity profile of a fully developed laminar flow in a straight circular pipe, as shown in the figure, is given by the expression. $$$u\left( r ...
GATE ME 1995
In fully developed laminar flow in the circular pipe, the head loss due to friction is directly proportional to ....... (Mean velocity/square of the m...
GATE ME 1994
For a fully developed laminar flow through a pipe, the ratio of the maximum velocity to the average velocity is ___________ (fill in the blank)

Marks 2

GATE ME 2017 Set 1
Consider steady flow of an incompressible fluid through two long and straight pipes of diameters $${d_1}$$ and $${d_2}$$ arranged in series. Both pipe...
GATE ME 2016 Set 3
Consider a fully developed steady laminar flow of an incompressible fluid with viscosity $$\mu $$ through a circular pipe of radius $$R.$$ Given that ...
GATE ME 2015 Set 2
For a fully developed laminar flow of water (dynamic viscosity $$0.001$$ $$Pa$$-s) through a pipe of radius $$5$$ $$cm,$$ the axial pressure gradient ...
GATE ME 2015 Set 2
The head loss for a laminar incompressible flow through a horizontal circular pipe is $${h_1}$$. Pipe length and fluid remaining the same, if the aver...
GATE ME 2014 Set 2
Water flows through a $$10$$ $$mm$$ diameter and $$250$$ $$m$$ long smooth pipe at an average velocity of $$0.1$$ $$m/s.$$ The density and the viscosi...
GATE ME 2014 Set 2
Consider laminar flow of water over a flat plate of length $$1$$ $$m.$$ If the boundary layer thickness at a distance of $$0.25$$ $$m$$ from the leadi...
GATE ME 2014 Set 3
A fluid of dynamic viscosity $$2 \times {10^{ - 5}}\,\,kg/m.s$$ and density $$1kg/{m^3}$$ flows with an average velocity of $$1$$ $$m/s$$ through a lo...
GATE ME 2014 Set 1
Water flows through a pipe having an inner radius of $$10$$ $$mm$$ at the rate of $$36$$ $$kg/hr$$ at $${25^ \circ }C$$. The viscosity of water at $${...
GATE ME 2014 Set 1
For a fully developed flow of water in a pipe having diameter $$10$$ $$cm,$$ velocity $$0.1$$ $$m/s$$ and kinematic viscosity $${10^{ - 5}}\,\,{m^2}/s...
GATE ME 2006
The velocity profile in fully developed laminar flow in a pipe of diameter $$D$$ is given by $$u = {u_0}\left( {1 - 4{r^2}/{D^2}} \right),$$ where $$r...
GATE ME 1996
For laminar flow through a long pipe, the pressure drop per unit length increases.
GATE ME 1988
The discharge in $${m^3}/s$$ for laminar flow through a pipe of diameter $$0.04$$ $$m$$ having a centre line velocity of $$1.5$$ $$m/s$$ is:

Marks 5

GATE ME 1988
A $$0.20$$ $$m$$ diameter pipe $$20$$ $$km$$ long transport oil at a flow rate of $$0.01{m^3}/s.$$ Calculate the power required to maintain the flow i...
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