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Marks 1

GATE ME 2016 Set 2
Assuming constant temperature condition and air to be an ideal gas, the variation in atmospheric pressure with height calculated from fluid statics is...
GATE ME 2014 Set 2
The difference in pressure (in $$N/{m^2}$$) across an air bubble of diameter $$0.001$$ $$m$$ immersed in water (surface tension $$ = 0.072$$ $$N/m$$) ...
GATE ME 2006
For a Newtonian fluid:
GATE ME 2004
An incompressible fluid (kinematic viscosity $$ = 7.4 \times {10^{ - 7}}\,\,{m^2}/s,$$ specific gravity, $$0.88$$) is held between two parallel plates...
GATE ME 2001
The $$S{\rm I}$$ unit of kinematic viscosity $$\left( \upsilon \right)$$ is :
GATE ME 1999
If $$'P'$$ is the gauge pressure within a spherical droplet, then gauge pressure within a bubble of the same fluid and of same size will be:
GATE ME 1999
Kinematic viscosity of air at $${20^0}C$$ is given to be $$1.6 \times {10^{ - 5}}\,\,\,{m^2}s.$$ Its kinematic viscosity at $${70^0}C$$ will be varyin...
GATE ME 1997
The dimension of surface tension is :
GATE ME 1996
A fluid is one which can be defined as a substance that:
GATE ME 1996
The dimension of surface tension is :
GATE ME 1995
A fluid is said to be Newtonian fluid when the shear stress is

Marks 2

GATE ME 2016 Set 2
Consider fluid flow between two infinite horizontal plates which are parallel (the gap between them being $$50$$ $$mm$$). The top plate is sliding par...
GATE ME 2015 Set 3
Which of the following statement are TRUE, when the cavitation parameter $$\sigma = 0?$$ (i) The local pressure is reduced to vapor pressure. (ii) C...
GATE ME 2014 Set 1
In a simple concentric shaft-bearing arrangement, the lubricant flows in the $$2$$ $$mm$$ gap between the shaft and the bearing. The flow may be assum...
GATE ME 2010
A lightly loaded full journal bearing has a journal of $$50mm,$$ bush bore of $$50.50mm$$ and bush length of $$20mm.$$ if rotational speed of journal ...
GATE ME 2008
A journal bearing has a shaft diameter of $$40$$ $$mm$$ and a length of $$40mm.$$ The shaft is rotating at $$20$$ $$rad/s$$ and the viscosity of the l...
GATE ME 2008
A cubic block of side $$'L'$$ and mass $$'M'$$ is dragged over an oil film across table by a string connects to a hanging block of mass $$'m'$$ as sho...
GATE ME 2007
Newton's law of viscosity states that the shear stress in a fluid is proportional to :
GATE ME 2007
Oil in a hydraulic cylinder is compressed from an initial volume $$2{m^3}$$ to $$1.96{m^3}$$. If the pressure of oil in the cylinder changes from $$4...
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