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Digital Electronics

Previous Years Questions

Marks 1

In $$8085A$$ microprocessor, the operation performed by the instruction $$LHLD$$ $${2100_H}$$ is
GATE EE 2014 Set 3
An input device is interfaced with Intel $$8085$$ $$A$$ microprocessor as memory mapped $${\rm I}/O,$$ the address of th...
GATE EE 2008
When a program is being executed in an $$8085$$ microprocessor, its Program Counter contains
GATE EE 2002
The logic circuit used to generate the active low chip select $$(CS)$$ by an $$8085$$ microprocessor to address a periph...
GATE EE 2002
Which one of the following is not a vected interrupt?
GATE EE 2000
The range of address for which the memory chip shown in Figure, will be selected is .... to ......... ...
GATE EE 1997
In a microprocessor, the address of the next instruction to be executed, is stored in
GATE EE 1997
In an $$8085$$ microprocessor, after the execution of $$XRA$$ $$A$$ instruction
GATE EE 1995
The contents of the accumulator in an $$8085$$ microprocessor is altered after the execution of the instruction.
GATE EE 1994
Three devices $$A,$$ $$B$$ and $$C$$ have to be connected to a $$8085$$ microprocessor. Device $$A$$ has highest priorit...
GATE EE 1993
If the $$HLT$$ instruction of a $$8085$$ microprocessor is executed,
GATE EE 1992

Marks 2

In an $$8085$$ microprocessor, the following program is executed At the end of program, register $$A$$ contains...
GATE EE 2014 Set 2
An output device is interfaced with $$8$$ bit microprocessor $$8085$$$$A.$$ The interfacing circuit is shown in figure ...
GATE EE 2014 Set 1
A portion of the main program to call a subroutine $$SUB$$ in an $$8085$$ environment is given below: $$\eqalign{ &amp...
GATE EE 2011
When a $$''CALL$$ $$addr'$$ instruction is executed, the $$CPU$$ carries out the following sequential operations interna...
GATE EE 2010
In $$8085$$ microprocessor, the contents of the Accumulator, after the following instructions are executed will become $...
GATE EE 2009
The contents (in Hexadecimal) of some of the memory locations in an $$8085A$$ based system are given below The content...
GATE EE 2008
The associated figure shows the two types of rotate right instruction $${R_1},\,{R_2}$$ available in a microprocessor wh...
GATE EE 2007
The associated figure shows the two types of rotate right instruction $${R_1},\,{R_2}$$ available in a microprocessor wh...
GATE EE 2007
In an $$8085$$ $$A$$ microprocessor based system, it is desired to increment the contents of memory location whose addre...
GATE EE 2007
Which one of the following statements regarding the $$INT$$ (interrupt) and the $$BRQ$$ (bus request) pins in a $$CPU$$ ...
GATE EE 2007
A software delay subroutine is written as given below: How many times $$DCR$$ $$L$$ instruction will be executed?...
GATE EE 2006
The $$8085$$ assembly language instruction that stores the content of $$H$$ and $$L$$ registers into the memory location...
GATE EE 2005
The following program is written for an $$8085$$ microprocessor to add two bytes located at memory addresses $$1FFE$$ an...
GATE EE 2003
An Intel $$8085$$ processor is executing the program given below. $$\eqalign{ & \,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,...
GATE EE 2001
The stack pointer of a microprocessor is at $$A001H.$$ At the end of execution of following instructions, the value of s...
GATE EE 1994

Marks 3

In a $$8085$$ microprocessor, the following instructions may result in change of accumulator contents and change in sta...
GATE EE 1996

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