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Switch Gear and Protection

Power System Analysis

Previous Years Questions

Marks 1

The most commonly used relay, for the protection of an alternator against loss of excitation, is
GATE EE 2022
A negative sequence relay is commonly used to protect
GATE EE 2011
A two machine power system in shown below. Transmission line $$XY$$ has positive sequence impedance of $${Z_1}\Omega $$ ...
GATE EE 2008
In a biased differential relay the bias is defined as a ratio of
GATE EE 2006
The transmission line distance protection relay having the property of being inherently directional is
GATE EE 2004
Consider the problem of relay co-ordination for the distance relays $$R1$$ and $$R2$$ on adjacent lines of a transmissio...
GATE EE 2002
In a 3-step distance protection, the reach of the three zones of the relay at the beginning of the first line typically ...
GATE EE 2000
In an inverse definite minimum time, electromagnetic type over-current relay, the minimum time feature is achieved becau...
GATE EE 2000
Reactance relay is normally preferred for protection against
GATE EE 1997
If the fault current is $$2000$$ A, the relay setting is $$50$$% and CT ratio is $$400:5,$$ the plug setting multiplier ...
GATE EE 1996
A Buchholz relay is used for
GATE EE 1992

Marks 2

A $$3$$-phase transformer rated for $$33 kV/11kV$$ is connected in delta/star as shown in figure. The current transforme...
GATE EE 2015 Set 2
The over current relays for the line protection and loads connected at the buses are shown in the figure. The relays a...
GATE EE 2014 Set 1
Consider a stator winding of an alternator with an internal high resistance ground fault. The currents under the fault c...
GATE EE 2010
Match the items in List-$$I$$ (Type of transmission line) with the items in List-$$II$$ (Type of distance relay preferr...
GATE EE 2009
Voltage phasors at the two terminals of a transmission line of length $$70$$ km have a magnitude of $$1.0$$ per unit bu...
GATE EE 2008
A list of relays and the power system components protected by the relays are given in List-$${\rm I}$$ and List-$${\rm I...
GATE EE 2003
The plug setting of a negative sequence relay is $$0.2$$ $$A.$$ The current transformer ratio is $$5:1$$. The minimum va...
GATE EE 2000
The neutral of $$10$$ $$MVA,$$ $$11$$ $$kV$$ alternator is earthed through a resistance of $$5$$ ohms. The earth fault r...
GATE EE 1998
The distribution system shown in figure is to be protected by over current system of protection. For proper fault discri...
GATE EE 1993

Marks 5

The per unit voltages of two synchronous machines connected through a lossless line are $$0.95\,\angle {10^ \circ }$$ an...
GATE EE 1996
Type of Relay $$A.$$ Buchholz Relay $$B.$$ Translay relay $$C.$$ Carrier current, phase comparison relay $$D.$$ Directio...
GATE EE 1995
The distance relay with inherent directional property is known as ________relay.
GATE EE 1995

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