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WB JEE 2008
Two springs are joined and attached to a mass of 16 kg. The system is then suspended vertically from a rigid support. The spring constant of the two s...
WB JEE 2023
In a simple harmonic motion, let f be the acceleration and t be the time period. If x denotes the displacement, then |fT| vs. x graph will look like,...
WB JEE 2022
A particle is subjected to two simple harmonic motions in the same direction having equal amplitudes and equal frequency. If the resultant amplitude i...
WB JEE 2021
A simple pendulum, consisting of a small ball of mass m attached to a massless string hanging vertically from the ceiling is oscillating with an ampli...
WB JEE 2020
The bob of a swinging second pendulum (one whose time period is 2 s) has a small speed v0 at its lowest point. It height from this lowest point 2.25 s...
WB JEE 2018
In case of a simple harmonic motion, if the velocity is plotted along the X-axis and the displacement (from the equilibrium position) is plotted along...
WB JEE 2017
The velocity of a particle executing a simple harmonic motion is 13 ms$$-$$1, when its distance from the equilibrium position (Q) is 3 m and its veloc...
WB JEE 2017
A uniform string of length L and mass M is fixed at both ends while it is subject to a tension T. It can vibrate at frequencies (v) given by the formu...
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