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WB JEE 2008
If the earth shrinks such that its mass does not change but radius decreases to one quarter of its original value then one complete day will take...
WB JEE 2008
The weight of a body on surface of earth is 12.6 N. When it is raised to a height half the radius of earth, its weight will be
WB JEE 2023
Acceleration due to gravity at a height H from the surface of a planet is the same as that at a depth of H below the surface. If R be the radius of th...
WB JEE 2023
An earth's satellite near the surface of the earth takes about 90 min per revolution. A satellite orbiting the moon also takes about $$90 \mathrm{~min...
WB JEE 2022
A body of mass m is thrown vertically upward with speed $$\sqrt3$$ ve, where ve is the escape velocity of a body from earth surface. The final velocit...
WB JEE 2021
An ideal gas of molar mass M is contained in a very tall vertical cylindrical column in the uniform gravitational field. Assuming the gas temperature ...
WB JEE 2019
Assume that the earth moves around the sun in a circular orbit of radius R and there exists a planet which also move around the sun in a circular orbi...
WB JEE 2018
The ratio of accelerations due to gravity g1 : g2 on the surfaces of two planets is 5 : 2 and the ratio of their respective average densities $${{\rho...
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