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WB JEE 2008
A shell of mass 10 kg is moving with a velocity of 10 ms$$-$$1 when it blasts and forms two parts of mass 9 kg and 1 kg respectively. If the 1st mass ...
WB JEE 2008
Force required to move a mass of 1 kg at rest on a horizontal rough plane ($$\mu$$ = 0.1 and g = 9.8 m/s2) is
WB JEE 2008
A rocket of mass 100 kg burns 0.1 kg of fuel per sec. If the velocity of exhaust gas is 1 km/sec, then it lifts with an acceleration of
WB JEE 2008
A bullet emerges from a barrel of length 1.2 m with a speed of 640 ms$$-$$1. Assuming constant acceleration, the approximate time that it spends in th...
WB JEE 2024
What force $$\mathrm{F}$$ is required to start moving this $$10 \mathrm{~kg}$$ block shown in the figure if it acts at an angle of $$60^{\circ}$$ as s...
WB JEE 2023
A body of mass 2 kg moves in a horizontal circular path of radius 5 m. At an instant, its speed is 2$$\sqrt5$$ m/s and is increasing at the rate of 3 ...
WB JEE 2022
If a string, suspended from the ceiling is given a downward force F1, its length becomes L1. Its length is L2, if the downward force is F2. What is it...
WB JEE 2022
A golf ball of mass 50 gm placed on a tee, is struck by a golf-club. The speed of the golf ball as it leaves the tee is 100 m/s, the time of contact o...
WB JEE 2021
Three blocks are pushed with a force F across a frictionless table as shown in figure above. Let N1 be the contact force between the left two blocks a...
WB JEE 2020
A block of mass m rests on a horizontal table with a coefficient of static friction $$\mu $$. What minimum force must be applied on the block to drag ...
WB JEE 2019
Two weights of the mass m1 and m2 (> m1) are joined by an inextensible string of negligible mass passing over a fixed frictionless pulley. The magn...
WB JEE 2018
A block of mass m2 is placed on a horizontal table and another block of mass m1 is placed on top of it. An increasing horizontal force F = at is exert...
WB JEE 2018
The velocity (v) of a particle (under a force F) depends on its distance (x) from the origin (with x > 0) $$v \propto {1 \over {\sqrt x }}$$. Find ...
WB JEE 2017
A block of mass 1 kg starts from rest at x = 0 and moves along the X-axis under the action of a force F = kt, where t is time and k = 1 Ns$$-$$1. The ...
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