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NEET 2023 Manipur
The variation of susceptibility $$(\chi)$$ with absolute temperature ( $$\mathrm{T}$$ ) for a paramagnetic material is represented as :
NEET 2022 Phase 1
A big circular coil of 1000 turns and average radius 10 m is rotating about its horizontal diameter at 2 rad s$$-$$1. If the vertical component of ear...
NEET 2021
In the product$$\overrightarrow F = q\left( {\overrightarrow v \times \overrightarrow B } \right)$$$$ = q\overrightarrow v \times \left( {B\widehat...
NEET 2021
A uniform conducting wire of length 12a and resistance 'R' is wound up as a current carrying coil in the shape of ,(i) an equilateral tringle of side ...
NEET 2020 Phase 1
An iron rod of susceptibility 599 is subjected to a magnetizing field of 1200 A m-1. The permeability of the material of the rod is :$$\left( {{\mu _0...
NEET 2019
At a point A on the earth’s surface the angle of dip, $$\delta $$ = + 25o. At a point B on the earth's surface the angle of dip, $$\delta $$ = – 25o. ...
NEET 2018
A thin diamagnetic rod is placed vertically between the poles of an electromagnet. When the current in the electromagnet is switched on, then the diam...
NEET 2017
If $$\theta $$1 and $$\theta $$2 be the apparent angles of dip observed in two vertical planes at right angles to each other, then the true angle of d...
NEET 2017
A 250-turn rectangular coil of length 2.1 cm and width 1.25 cm carries a current of 85 $$\mu $$A and subjected to a magnetic field of strength 0.85 T....
NEET 2016 Phase 2
A bar magnet is hung by a thin cotton thread in a uniform horizontal magnetic field and is in equilibrium state. The energy required to rotate it by 6...
NEET 2016 Phase 1
The magnetic susceptibility is negative for
AIPMT 2015
A rectangular coil of length 0.12 m and width 0.1 m having 50 turns of wire is suspended vertically in a uniform magnetic field of strength 0.2 weber/...
AIPMT 2014
Following figures show the arrangement of bar magnets in different configurations. Each magnet has magnetic dipole moment $$\overrightarrow m .$$ Whic...
NEET 2013 (Karnataka)
A bar magnet of magnetic moment M is placed at right angles to a magnetic induction B. If a force F is experienced by each pole of the magnet, the len...
NEET 2013
A current loop in a magnetic field
NEET 2013
A bar magnet of length $$'l'$$ and magnetic dipole moment 'M' is bent in the form of an arc as shown in figure. The new magnetic dipole moment will be...
AIPMT 2012 Mains
A magnetic needle suspended parallel to a magnetic field requires $$\sqrt 3 J$$ of work to turn it through 60o. The torque needed to maintain the need...
AIPMT 2012 Prelims
A compass needle which is allowed to move in a horizontal plane is taken to a geomagnetic pole. It
AIPMT 2011 Mains
A short bar magnet of magnetic moment 0.4 J T$$-$$1 is placed in a uniform magnetic field of 0.16 T. The magnet is in stable equilibrium when the pote...
AIPMT 2011 Prelims
There are four light-weight-rod samples A, B, C, D separately suspended by threads. A bar magnet is slowly brought near each sample and the following ...
AIPMT 2010 Mains
Two identical bar magnets are fixed with their centers at a distance d apart. A stationary charge Q is placed at P in between the gap of the two magne...
AIPMT 2010 Mains
The magnetic moment of a diamagnetic action is
AIPMT 2010 Prelims
Electromagnets are made of soft iron because soft iron has
AIPMT 2010 Prelims
A vibration magnetometer placed in magnetic meridian has a small bar magnet. The magnet executes oscillations with a time period of 2 sec in earth's ...
AIPMT 2009
If a diamagnetic substance is brought near the north or the south pole of a bar magnet, it is
AIPMT 2009
A bar magnet having a magnetic moment of 2 $$ \times $$ 104 J T$$-$$1 is free to rotate in a horizontal plane. A horizontal magnetic field B = 6 $$ \t...
AIPMT 2008
Curie temperature above which
AIPMT 2007
Nickel shows ferromagnetic property at room temperature. If the temperature is increased beyond Curie temperature, then it will show
AIPMT 2007
A charged particle (charge q) is moving in a circle of radius R with uniform speed v. The associated magnetic moment $$\mu $$ is given by
AIPMT 2006
Curie temperature above which
AIPMT 2005
A coil in the shape of an equilateral triangle of side $$l$$ is suspended between the pole pieces of a permanent magnet such that $$\overrightarrow B ...
AIPMT 2005
If the magnetic dipole moment of an atom of diamagnetic material, paramagnetic material and ferromagnetic material are denoted by $$\mu $$d, $$\mu $$p...
AIPMT 2003
A diamagnetic material in a magnetic field moves
AIPMT 2003
According to Curie's law, the magnetic susceptibility of a substance at an absolute temperature $$T$$ is proportional to
AIPMT 2003
A bar magnet is oscillating in the Earth's magnetic field with a period T. What happens to its period and motion if its mass is quadrupled?
AIPMT 2002
Two bar magnets having same geometry with magnetic moments M and 2M, are firstly placed in such a way that their similar poles are same side then its ...
AIPMT 2001
Among which the magnetic susceptibility does not depened on the temperature ?
AIPMT 2001
Tangent galvanometer is used to measure
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