Fin Design and Transient Heat Conduction

Heat Transfer

(Past Years Questions)

Marks 1

The heat loss from a fin is $$6W.$$ The effectiveness of the fin are $$3$$ and $$0.75,$$ respectively. The heat loss (in...
GATE ME 2017 Set 2
Biot number signifies the ratio of
GATE ME 2014 Set 2
Which one of the following configurations has the highest fin effectiveness?
GATE ME 2012
The value of Biot number is very small (less than $$0.1$$), when
GATE ME 2002
Lumped heat transfer analysis of a solid object suddenly exposed to a fluid medium at a different temp is valid when.
GATE ME 2001
When the fluid velocity is doubled the thermal time constant of a thermometer used for measuring the fluid temperature r...
GATE ME 1994
Biot number signifies
GATE ME 1991
The heat transfer process between a body and its ambient is governed by an internal conductive resistance $$\left( {{\rm...
GATE ME 1989

Marks 2

A metal ball of diameter $$60mm$$ is initially at $${220^ \circ }C.$$ The ball is suddenly cooled by an air jet of $${20...
GATE ME 2017 Set 2
A cylindrical steel rod, $$0.01$$ $$m$$ in diameter and $$0.2$$ $$m$$ in length is first heated to $${750^ \circ }C$$ an...
GATE ME 2016 Set 3
Two cylindrical shafts $$A$$ and $$B$$ at the same initial temperature are simultaneously placed in a furnace. The surfa...
GATE ME 2016 Set 2
A steel ball of $$10$$ $$mm$$ diameter at $$1000$$ $$K$$ is required to be cooled to $$350$$ $$K$$ by immersing it in a ...
GATE ME 2016 Set 1
A steel ball of diameter $$60$$ $$mm$$ is initially in thermal equilibrium at $${1030^ \circ }C$$ in a furnace. It is su...
GATE ME 2013
A spherical steel ball of $$12mm$$ diameter is initially at $$100K.$$ It is slowly cooled in a surrounding of $$300K.$$ ...
GATE ME 2011
A fin has $$5mm$$ diameter and $$100mm$$ length. The thermal conductivity of fin material is $$400W/m K.$$ One end of t...
GATE ME 2010
A small copper ball of $$5$$ $$mm$$ diameter at $$500$$ $$K$$ is dropped into an oil bath whose temperature is $$300$$ $...
GATE ME 2005
A spherical thermocouple junction of diameter $$0.706 mm$$ is to be used for the measurement of temperature of a gas str...
GATE ME 2004
Two rods, one of length $$L$$ and the other of length $$2L$$ are made of the same material and have the same diameter. T...
GATE ME 1992

Marks 5

An iron rod $$\left( {K = 41.5W/mK} \right)$$ of $$15mm$$ diameter and $$160mm$$ long extends out of a hot surface of te...
GATE ME 1990
The total efficiency, $${\eta _t}$$ for a finned surface may be defined as the ratio of the total heat transferred by th...
GATE ME 1989


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