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GATE ME 2017 Set 2
The heat loss from a fin is $$6W.$$ The effectiveness of the fin are $$3$$ and $$0.75,$$ respectively. The heat loss (in $$W$$) from the fin, keeping ...
GATE ME 2014 Set 2
Biot number signifies the ratio of
GATE ME 2012
Which one of the following configurations has the highest fin effectiveness?
GATE ME 2002
The value of Biot number is very small (less than $$0.1$$), when
GATE ME 2001
Lumped heat transfer analysis of a solid object suddenly exposed to a fluid medium at a different temp is valid when.
GATE ME 1994
When the fluid velocity is doubled the thermal time constant of a thermometer used for measuring the fluid temperature reduces by a factor of $$2$$
GATE ME 1991
Biot number signifies
GATE ME 1989
The heat transfer process between a body and its ambient is governed by an internal conductive resistance $$\left( {{\rm I}CR} \right)$$ and an extern...

Marks 2

GATE ME 2017 Set 2
A metal ball of diameter $$60mm$$ is initially at $${220^ \circ }C.$$ The ball is suddenly cooled by an air jet of $${20^ \circ }C.$$ The heat transfe...
GATE ME 2016 Set 1
A steel ball of $$10$$ $$mm$$ diameter at $$1000$$ $$K$$ is required to be cooled to $$350$$ $$K$$ by immersing it in a water environment at $$300$$ $...
GATE ME 2016 Set 2
Two cylindrical shafts $$A$$ and $$B$$ at the same initial temperature are simultaneously placed in a furnace. The surfaces of the shafts remain at th...
GATE ME 2016 Set 3
A cylindrical steel rod, $$0.01$$ $$m$$ in diameter and $$0.2$$ $$m$$ in length is first heated to $${750^ \circ }C$$ and then immersed in a water bat...
GATE ME 2013
A steel ball of diameter $$60$$ $$mm$$ is initially in thermal equilibrium at $${1030^ \circ }C$$ in a furnace. It is suddenly removed from the furnac...
GATE ME 2011
A spherical steel ball of $$12mm$$ diameter is initially at $$100K.$$ It is slowly cooled in a surrounding of $$300K.$$ The heat transfer coefficient ...
GATE ME 2010
A fin has $$5mm$$ diameter and $$100mm$$ length. The thermal conductivity of fin material is $$400W/m K.$$ One end of the fin is maintained at $${130...
GATE ME 2005
A small copper ball of $$5$$ $$mm$$ diameter at $$500$$ $$K$$ is dropped into an oil bath whose temperature is $$300$$ $$K.$$ the thermal conductivity...
GATE ME 2004
A spherical thermocouple junction of diameter $$0.706 mm$$ is to be used for the measurement of temperature of a gas stream. The convective heat trans...
GATE ME 1992
Two rods, one of length $$L$$ and the other of length $$2L$$ are made of the same material and have the same diameter. The two ends of the longer rod ...

Marks 5

GATE ME 1990
An iron rod $$\left( {K = 41.5W/mK} \right)$$ of $$15mm$$ diameter and $$160mm$$ long extends out of a hot surface of temp $${150^ \circ }C$$ into env...
GATE ME 1989
The total efficiency, $${\eta _t}$$ for a finned surface may be defined as the ratio of the total heat transferred by the combined area of the fins, $...
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