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GATE CE 2017 Set 2
In a material under a state of plane strain, a 10×10 mm square centered at a point gets deformed as shown in the figure. If the shear strain $$\gamma...
GATE CE 2017 Set 1
An elastic bar of length L, uniform cross sectional area A, coefficient of thermal expansion a, and Young’s modulus E is fixed at the two ends. The te...
GATE CE 2015 Set 1
A tapered circular rod of diameter varying from 20 mm to 10 mm is connected to another uniform circular rod of diameter 10 mm as shown in the followin...
GATE CE 2012
The Poisson's ratio is defined as
GATE CE 2010
The number of independent elastic constants for a linear elastic isotropic and homogeneous material is
GATE CE 2007
For an isotropic material, the relationship between the young’s modulus (E), shear modulus (G) and Poisson’s ratio (μ) is given by
GATE CE 2002
The shear modulus (G), modulus of elasticity (E) and the Poisson's ratio ($$\mu$$) of a material are related as
GATE CE 2000
The stress-strain diagram for two materials A and B is shown below: The following statements are made based on this diagram: I. Material A is more br...
GATE CE 2000
Pick the incorrect statement from the following four statements:
GATE CE 1991
The maximum value of Poisson's ratio for an elastic material is
GATE CE 1991
A cantilever beam of tubular section consists of 2 materials copper as outer cylinder and steel as inner cylinder. It is subjected to a temperature ri...
GATE CE 1991
In a linear elastic structural element
GATE CE 1990
The principle of superposition is made use of in structural computations when:

Marks 2

GATE CE 2016 Set 2
An elastic isotropic body is in a hydrostatic state of stress as shown in the figure. For no change in the volume to occur, what should be its Poisson...
GATE CE 2014 Set 1
A box of weight 100 kN shown in the figure is to be lifted without swinging. If all forces are coplanar, the magnitude and direction ($$\theta$$) of t...
GATE CE 2007
A metal bar of length 100mm is inserted between two rigid supports and its temperature is increased by $$10^o$$C. If the coefficient of thermal expans...
GATE CE 1989
The axial movement of top surface of stepped column as shown in figure is ...
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