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GATE CE 2013
Two steel columns $$P$$ (Length $$L$$ and yield strength $${f_y} = 250\,\,MPa)$$ and $$Q$$ (length $$2L$$ and yield strength $${f_y} = 500\,\,MPa$$) h...
GATE CE 2012
The ratio of the theoretical critical buckling load for a column with fixed ends to that of another column with the same dimensions and material, but ...
GATE CE 2010
The effective length of a column of length $$L$$ fixed against rotation and translation at one end is
GATE CE 2003
A long structural column (length $$-L$$) with both ends hinged is acted upon by an axial compressive load $$P.$$ The differential equation governing t...
GATE CE 2000
Four column of the same material having identical geometric properties are supported in different ways as shown below It is required to order these...
GATE CE 1994
When a column is fixed at both ends corresponding to Euler's criterion load is
GATE CE 1992
The axial load carrying capacity of a long column of given material. Cross-sectional area, $$A$$ and length, $$L$$ is governed by
GATE CE 1992
The kern area (core) of a solid circular section column of diameter, $$D$$ is a concentric circle of diameter, $$'d'$$ is equal to

Marks 2

GATE CE 2017 Set 1
Consider two axially loaded columns, namely. $$1$$ and $$2,$$ made of a linear elastic material with Young's modulus $$2 \times {10^5}\,\,MPa,$$ squar...
GATE CE 2014 Set 1
If the following equation establishes equilibrium in slightly bent position, the mid-span deflection of a member shown in the figure is $${{{d^2}y} \...
GATE CE 2012
The sketch shows a column with a pin at the base and rollers at the top. It is subjected to an axial force $$P$$ and a moment $$M$$ at mid-height. The...
GATE CE 2008
A rigid bar $$GH$$ of length $$L$$ is supported by a hinge and a spring of stiffness $$K$$ as shown in the figure below. The buckling load, $${P_{cr}}...
GATE CE 2008
Cross-section of a column consisting of two steel strips, each of thickness $$t$$ and width $$b$$ is shown in the figure below. The critical loads of...
GATE CE 2007
A steel column, pinned at both ends, has a buckling load of $$200$$ $$kN.$$ If the column is restrained against lateral movement at its mid-height, it...
GATE CE 2006
The buckling load $$P = {P_{cr}}$$ for the column $$AB$$ in figure, as $${K_T}$$ approaches infinity, becomes $$\alpha {{{\pi ^2}E{\rm I}} \over {{L^2...
GATE CE 2005
The maximum tensile stress at the section $$X$$ - $$X$$ shown in the figure below is ...
GATE CE 1990
A rigid rod $$AB$$ of length $$L$$ is hinged at $$A$$ and is maintained in its vertical position by two springs with spring constants $$K$$ attached a...
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