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GATE ME 2017 Set 2
Which one of the following statement is TRUE?
GATE ME 2017 Set 1
Which one of the following is NOT a rotating machine?
GATE ME 2016 Set 3
The blade and fluid velocities for an axial turbine are as shown in the figure. The magnitude of absolute velocity at entry is $$300$$ $$m/s$$ at an ...
GATE ME 2016 Set 1
Consider two hydraulic turbines having identical specific speed and effective head at the inlet. If the speed ratio $$\left( {{{{N_1}} \over {{N_2}}}}...
GATE ME 2014 Set 4
Kaplan water turbine is commonly used when the flow through its runner is
GATE ME 2013
In order to have maximum power from a Pelton turbine, the bucket speed must be
GATE ME 2010
A hydraulic turbine develops $$1000$$ $$kW$$ power for a head of $$40$$ $$m.$$ If the head is reduced to $$20$$ $$m,$$ the power developed (in $$kW$$)...
GATE ME 2010
A phenomenon is modeled using $$n$$ dimensional variables with $$k$$ primary dimensions. The number of non-dimensional variables is
GATE ME 2007
The inlet angle of runner blades of a Francis turbine is $${90^0}.$$ The blades are so shaped that the tangential component of velocity at blade outle...
GATE ME 2007
A model of a hydraulic turbine is tested at a head of $$1/{4^{th}}$$ of that under which the full scale turbine works. The diameter of the model is ha...
GATE ME 2007
Match the items in columns $$I$$ and $$II$$. Column $$I$$ $$P:$$ Centrifugal compressor $$Q:$$ Centrifugal pump $$R:$$ Pelton wheel $$S:$$ Kaplan tur...
GATE ME 2006
In a Pelton wheel, the bucket peripheral speed is $$10$$ $$m/s,$$ the water jet velocity is $$25$$ $$m/s$$ and volumetric flow rate of the jet is $$0....
GATE ME 2006
A large hydraulic turbine is to generate $$300$$ $$kW$$ at $$1000$$ $$rpm$$ under a head of $$40$$ $$m$$. for initial testing, a $$1:4$$ scale model o...
GATE ME 2006
A horizontal shaft centrifugal pump lifts ware at 65°C. The suction nozzle is one meter below pump centerline. The pressure at this point equal $$200$...
GATE ME 2004
A centrifugal pump is required to pump water to an open water tank situated $$4$$ $$km$$ away from the location of the pump through a pipe of diameter...
GATE ME 2004
At a hydro electric power plant site, available head and flow rate are $$24.5$$ $$m$$ and $$10.1{m^3}/s$$ respectively. If the turbine to be installed...
GATE ME 2002
If there are $$'m'$$ physical quantities and $$'n'$$ fundamental dimensions in a particular process, the number of non-dimensional parameters is
GATE ME 1997
Kaplan turbine is
GATE ME 1994
In terms of speed of rotation of the impeller $$N$$, discharge $$Q$$ and a change in total head $$H$$, through the machine,the Specific Speed for a pu...

Marks 2

GATE ME 2024
Consider an air-standard Brayton cycle with adiabatic compressor and turbine, and a regenerator, as shown in the figure. Air enters the compressor at ...
GATE ME 2008
Water having a density of $$1000\,\,kg/{m^3},$$ issues from a Nozzle with a velocity of $$10$$ $$m/s$$ and the jet strikes a bucket mounted on a Pelto...
GATE ME 1993
Cavitation in a hydraulic reaction turbine is most likely to occur at the turbine
GATE ME 1993
Specific speed of a Kaplan turbine ranges between

Marks 5

GATE ME 1997
A water turbine delivering $$10$$ $$MW$$ power is to be tested with the help of a geometrically similar $$1:8$$ model, which runs at the same speed as...
GATE ME 1996
In a hydroelectric station, water is available at the rate of $$175{m^3}/s$$ under a head of $$18m.$$ The turbines run at a speed of $$150$$ $$rpm$$ w...
GATE ME 1992
A Hydro turbine is required to give $$25$$ $$MW$$ at $$50$$ $$m$$ head and $$90$$ $$rpm$$ runner speed. The laboratory facilities available, permit te...
GATE ME 1991
A $$7MW$$ hydro turbine working under a head of $$10$$ $$m$$ at a rotational speed of $$125$$ $$rpm$$ is to be designed and developed by conducting m...
GATE ME 1990
Identify the type of turbo machinery for the following case. Specify the reasons. Power developed $$=430$$ $$kW;$$ Operating head $$=300$$ $$m;$$ Sp...
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