Reinforced Cement Concrete
Workmenship and Fundamentals
Previous Years Questions

Marks 1

Let the characteristic strength be defined as that value, below which not more than 50% of the results are expected to fall. Assuming a standard devia...
Workability of concrete can be measured using slump, compaction factor and Vee bee time. Consider the following statements for workability of concrete...
Consider the following statements for air-entrained concrete: (i) Air-entrainment reduces the water demand for a given level of workability (ii) Use o...
The flexural tensile strength of M25 grade of concrete, in N/mm2, as per IS:456-2000 is __________.
The target mean strength fcm for concrete mix design obtained from the characteristic strength (fck) and standard deviation $$\sigma$$, as defined in ...
The modulus of elasticity, E = 5000$$\sqrt{{\mathrm f}_\mathrm{ck}}$$ where fck is the characteristic compressive strength of concrete, specified in I...
Maximum possible value of compaction factor for fresh (green) concrete is
The cross-section of a thermo-mechanically treated (TMT) reinforcing bar has
For limit state of collapse, the partial safety factors recommended by IS 456:2000 for estimating the design strength of concrete and reinforcing stee...
A reinforced concrete structure has to be constructed along a sea coast. The minimum grade of concrete to be used as per IS: 456-2000 is
Consider the following statements: 1. The compressive strength of concrete decreases with increase in water-cement ratio of the concrete mix. 2. Water...
The flexural strength of M30 concrete as per IS: 456-2000 is
The partial factor of safety for concrete as per IS: 456-2000 is
Modulus of elasticity of M25 grade concrete in MPa is
The permissible tensile stress in concrete made of M 25 concrete is
The cylinder strength of the concrete is less than the cube strength because of
Workability of concrete is influenced most by its
Grading of aggregate in a concrete mix is necessary to achieve
The factored loads at the limit state of collapse for DL + LL, DL + WL, and DL + LL + WL combinations, according to IS: 456 - 2000 are respectively
Setting time of cement sample is tested by
Tensile strength of cement mortar is usually found by:
The modulus of elasticity of concrete mix M25 is

Marks 2

According to the concept of Limit State Design as per IS 456: 2000, the probability of failure of a structure is __________.
The composition of an air-entrained concrete is given below: Water : 184 kg /m3 Ordinary Portland Cement(OPC) : 368 kg /m3 Sand : 606 kg /m3 Coarse a...
Consider a reinforcing bar embedded in concrete. In a marine environment this bar undergoes uniform corrosion, which leads to deposition of corrosion ...
Un-factored maximum bending moments at a section of a reinforced concrete beam resulting from a frame analysis are 50, 80, 120 and 180 kN-m under dead...
Consider the following statements: I. Modulus of elasticity concrete increases with increase in compressive strength of concrete. II. Brittleness of c...
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