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MCQ (Single Correct Answer)

WB JEE 2023
Which of the following would give a linear plot? (k is the rate constant of an elementary reaction and T is temp. in absolute scale)
WB JEE 2023
For the reaction A + B $$\to$$ C, we have the following data: .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{border-color:black;border-styl...
WB JEE 2021
The equilibrium constant for the reaction N2(g) + O2(g) $$\rightleftharpoons$$ 2NO(g) is 4 $$\times$$ 10$$-$$4 at 2000 K. In presence of a catalyst th...
WB JEE 2021
Under the same reaction conditions, initial concentration of 1.386 mol dm$$-$$3 of a substance becomes half in 40 s and 20 s through first-order and z...
WB JEE 2021
2.5 mL 0.4 M weak monoacidic base (Kb = 1 $$\times$$ 10$$-$$12 at 25$$^\circ$$C) is titrated with 2/15 M HCl in water at 25$$^\circ$$C. The concentrat...
WB JEE 2020
For a reaction 2A + B $$ \to $$ P, when concentration of B alone is doubled, t1/2 does not change and when concentrations of both A and B is doubled, ...
WB JEE 2019
Consider the following two first order reactions occurring at 298 K with same initial concentration of A :(1) A $$\to$$ B; rate constant, k = 0.693 mi...
WB JEE 2019
The kinetic study of a reaction like vA $$\to$$ P at 300 K provides the following curve, where concentration is taken in mol dm$$-$$3 and time in min....
WB JEE 2018
The following equilibrium constants are given$${N_2} + 3{H_2}$$ $$\rightleftharpoons$$ $$2N{H_3}$$; $${K_1}$$$${N_2} + {O_2}$$ $$\rightleftharpoons$$ ...

MCQ (More than One Correct Answer)

WB JEE 2022
Which of the statements are incorrect?
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