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GATE EE 2017 Set 1
The following measurements are obtained on a single phase load: $$V = 220 V$$ $$ \pm $$$$1$$%. $${\rm I}$$$$= 5.0$$ $$A$$ $$ \pm \,1$$% and $$W=555$$...
GATE EE 2017 Set 2
Two resistors with nominal resistance values $${R_1}$$ and $${R_2}$$ have additive uncertainties $$\Delta {R_1}$$ and $$\Delta {R_2},$$ respectively...
GATE EE 2015 Set 2
A capacitive voltage divider is used to measure the bus voltage Vbus in a high-voltage 50Hz AC system as shown in the figure. The measurement capacito...
GATE EE 1995
Fringing in capacitive type transducer can be minimized by providing a _________
GATE EE 1994
A precise measurement guarantees accuracy of the measured quantity.
GATE EE 1993
A metal strain gauge has gauge factor of two, it's nominal resistance is $$120$$ Ohms. It is undergoes a strain of $${10^{ - 5}},$$ the value of chan...
GATE EE 1992
A resistance is measured by the voltmeter- ammeter method employing d.c. excitation and a voltmeter of very high resistance connected directly across ...

Marks 2

GATE EE 2014 Set 2
Suppose that resistors $${R_1}$$ ܴand $${R_2}$$ ܴare connected in parallel to give an equivalent resistor $$R.$$ If resistors ܴ$${R_1}$$ and $${R_2}$$...
GATE EE 2006
A variable $$'w'$$ is related to three other variables $$x, y, z$$ as $$w=xy/z.$$ The variables are measured with meters of accuracy$$ \pm $$ $$0.5$$%...
GATE EE 2005
The set-up in the figure is used to measure resistance $$R$$. The ammeter and voltmeter resistances are $$0.01$$$$\Omega $$ and $$2000$$$$\Omega $$, r...
GATE EE 2001
Resistances $${R_1}$$ and $${R_2}$$ have, respectively, nominal values of $$10\Omega $$ and $$5\Omega ,$$ and tolerances of $$ \pm 5\% $$ and $$ \pm 1...
GATE EE 1999
Two $$100$$ $$\mu A$$ full scale $$PMMC$$ meters are employed to construct a $$10$$ $$V$$ and a $$100$$ $$V$$ full scale voltmeter. These meters will ...
GATE EE 1997
In the circuit shown in fig. For measuring resistance $$'R'$$ if the ammeter indicates $$1$$ $$A$$ and the voltmeter indicate $$100V$$, then the value...
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