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GATE EE 2022
A balanced Wheatsone bridge ABCD has the following arm resistances : RAB = 1 k$$\Omega$$ $$\pm$$ 2.1%; RBC = 100 $$\Omega$$ $$\pm$$ 0.5%; RCD is an un...
GATE EE 2015 Set 1
When the Wheatstone bridge shown in the figure is used to find the value of resistor $${R_x},$$ the galvanometer $$G$$ indicates zero current when $${...
GATE EE 2012
The bridge method commonly used for finding mutual inductance is
GATE EE 2011
The bridge circuit shown in the fig below is used for the measurement of an unknown element Zx. The bridge circuit is best suited when Zx is a ...
GATE EE 2002
Kelvin double bridge is best suited for the measurement of
GATE EE 1995
A Kelvin double bridge is best suited for the measurement of

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GATE EE 2015 Set 1
An unbalanced $$DC$$ Wheatstone bridge is shown in the figure. At what value of $$p$$ will the magnitude of $${V_0}$$ be maximum? ...
GATE EE 2014 Set 3
In the bridge circuit shown, the capacitors are loss free. At balance, the value of capacitance C1 in microfarad is ________. ...
GATE EE 2013
A strain gauge forms one arm of the bridge shown in the figure below and has a nominal resistance without any load as $$\,{R_s} = 300\Omega .$$ Other ...
GATE EE 2010
The Maxwell's bridge shown in the fig. is at balance, the parameters of the inductive coil are ...
GATE EE 2008
The ac bridge shown in the figure is used to measure the impedance $$Z.$$ If the bridge is balanced for oscillator frequency $$f=2$$ $$kHz$$, then the...
GATE EE 2008
A bridge circuit is shown in the figure below. Which one of the sequence given below is most suitable for balancing the bridge? ...
GATE EE 2006
$${R_1}$$ and $${R_2}$$ are the opposite arms of $${R_3}$$ and $${R_4}$$ of a wheat stone bridge. The source voltage is applied across $${R_1}$$ and $...
GATE EE 2003
The items in List $$-$$ $${\rm I}$$ represent the various types of measurements to be made with a reasonable accuracy using a suitable bridge. The ite...
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