Transportation Engineering
Highway Geometric Design
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Marks 1

While aligning a hill road with a ruling gradient of 6%, a horizontal curve of radius 50 m is encountered. The grade compensation (in percentage, up t...
A super-elevation e is provided on a circular horizontal curve such that a vehicle can be stopped on the curve without sliding. Assuming a design spee...
A superspeedway in New Delhi has among the highest super-elevation rates of any track on the Indian Grand Prix circuit. The track requires drivers to ...
A road is being designed for a speed of 110 km/hr on a horizontal curve with a super elevation of 8%. If the coefficient of side friction is 0.10, the...
The value of lateral friction or side friction used in the design of horizontal curve as per India Roads Congress guidelines is
SSD and Friction coefficients are
The design value of lateral friction coefficient on highway is
Width of carriage way for a single lane is recommended to be
The reaction time for calculating stopping sight distance may be assumed as
The value of camber recommended for CC roads in area of heavy rainfall is
The convexity provided to the carriage way between the crown and edge of pavement is known as
Superior the road
The distance traveled by a moving vehicle during perception time and break reaction time is known as

Marks 2

A motorist traveling at 100 km/h on a highway needs to take the next exit, which has a speed limit of 50 km/h. The section of the roadway before the r...
The perception-reaction time for a vehicle travelling at 90 km/h, given the coefficient of longitudinal friction of 0.35 and the stopping sight distan...
While designing a hill road with a ruling gradient of 6%, if a sharp horizontal curve of 50m radius is encountered, the compensated gradient at the cu...
The ruling minimum radius of horizontal curve of a national highway in plain terrain for a ruling design speed of 100 km/hour with e = 0.07 and f = 0....
Design rate of super elevation for horizontal highway curve of radius 450 m for a mixed traffic condition, having a speed of 125 km/hour is
For a highway with a design speed of 100kmph, the safe OSD is assume acceleration as 0.53 $$m/sec^2$$. the road is two lane with two way traffic. User...
If the design speed is 80kmph, perception reaction time is 3sec and coefficient of friction is 0.5, then the SSD is ________.
A vehicle traveling on dry, level pavement at 80kmph had the brakes applied. The vehicle traveling 76.5 m before stopping. what is the coefficient of ...
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