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GATE EE 2016 Set 1
In cylindrical coordinate system, the potential produced by a uniform ring charge is given $$\phi=f\left(r,\;z\right)$$, where f is a continuous funct...
GATE EE 2015 Set 2
A circular turn of radius 1 m revolves at 60 rpm about its diameter aligned with the x-axis as shown in the figure. The value of μ0 is $$4\mathrm\pi\t...
GATE EE 2015 Set 1
Consider a one-turn rectangular loop of wire placed in a uniform magnetic field as shown in the figure. The plane of the loop is perpendicular to the ...
GATE EE 2006
The concept of an electrically short, medium, and long line is primarily based on the
GATE EE 1999
An electromagnetic field is radiated from
GATE EE 1998
The laws of electromagnetic induction (Faraday's and Lenz's law) are summarized in the following equation
GATE EE 1995
A monochromatic plane electromagnetic wave travels in vacuum in the position $$x$$ direction ($$x, y, z$$ system of coordinates). The electric and mag...

Marks 2

GATE EE 2006
Consider the following statements with reference to the equation $$\nabla.\overrightarrow J=-\frac{\partial\rho}{\partial t}$$ 1. This is a point from...
GATE EE 1997
The velocity of propagation of electromagnetic wave 'n' an underground cable with relative permittivity of 3 will be ________m/sec

Marks 4

GATE EE 1997
A square coil of $$10$$ turns and $$10$$ $$cm$$ side is moved through a steady magnetic field of $$1$$ $$Wb/{m^2}$$ at a constant velocity of $$2$$ $$...
GATE EE 1994
Match the following List-$${\rm I}$$ with List-$${\rm II}$$ List $$-$$ $${\rm I}$$ $$(a)$$ Line charge $$(b)$$ Magnetic Flux Density $$(c)$$ Displace...
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