Geotechnical Engineering
Definitions and Properties of Soils
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Marks 1

If the water content of a fully saturated soil mass is 100%, the void ratio of the sample is
A certain soil has the following properties: Gs = 2.71, n = 40% and w = 20%. The degree of saturation of the soil (rounded off to the nearest percent)...
In its natural condition, a soil sample has a mass of 1.980 kg and a volume of 0.001 m3. After being completely dried in an oven, the mass of the samp...
The ratio of saturated unit weight to dry unit weight of a soil is 1.25. If the specific gravity of solids (Gs) is 2.65, the void ratio of the soil is...
A soil sample has a void ratio of 0.5 and its porosity will be closed to
A borrow pit soil has a dry density of 17 kN/m3. How many cubic meters of this soils will be required to construct an embankment of 100 m3 volume with...
Principle involved in the relationship between submerged unit weight and saturated weight of a soil is based on
If the porosity of a soil sample is 20%, the void ratio is
Which one of the following relations is not correct?
The void ratio of a soil sample can exceed unity.
The void ratio of a soil sample is 1. The corresponding porosity of the sample is _______.

Marks 2

The porosity (n) and the degree of saturation (S) of a soil sample are 0.7 and 40%, respectively. In a 100 $$m^3$$ volume of the soil, the volume (exp...
A 588 $$cm^3$$ volume of moist sand weighs 1010 gm. Its dry weight is 918 gm and specific gravity of solids, G is 2.67. Assuming density of water as 1...
The water content of a saturated soil and the specific gravity of soil solids were found to be 30% and 2.70, respectively. Assuming the unit weight of...
For sand of uniform spherical particles, the void ratio in the loosest and the densest states are ________ and ________ respectively.
A saturated sand sample has dry unit weight of 18 $$kN/m^3$$ and a specific gravity of 2.65. If $$\gamma_w$$ = 10 $$kN/m^3$$, the water content of the...
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