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GATE CE 2016 Set 1
The semi-compact section of a laterally unsupported steel beam has an elastic section modulus, plastic section modulus and design bending compressive ...
GATE CE 2014 Set 1
A steel section is subjected to a combination of shear and bending actions. The applied shear force is $$V$$ and the shear capacity of the section is ...
GATE CE 2013
A symmetric $${\rm I}$$-section (with width of each flange $$=50$$ $$mm$$, thickness of each flange $$=10$$ $$mm,$$ depth of web $$= 100$$ $$mm,$$ and...
GATE CE 2005
Which of the following is NOT correct for steel sections as per $$IS:$$ $$800-1984$$?
GATE CE 2005
An unstiffened web $${\rm I}$$ section is fabricated from a $$10$$ $$mm$$ thick plate by fillet welding as shown in the figure. If yield stress of ste...
GATE CE 2002
When designing steel structures, one must ensure that local buckling in webs does not take place. This check may not be very critical when using rolle...
GATE CE 2002
An $$ISMB$$ $$500$$ is used as a beam in a multi-storey construction. From the view point of structural design, it can be considered to be 'laterally ...
GATE CE 1999
The problem of lateral buckling can arise only in those steel beams which have
GATE CE 1999
A steel beam supporting loads from the floors slab as well as from wall is termed as
GATE CE 1997
Allowable average shear stress in an unstiffened web for beams made of steel of grade $$250\,\,N/m{m^2}$$ is

Marks 5

GATE CE 2001
The relevant cross-sectional details of a compound beam comprising a symmetric $${\rm I}$$-section and a channel section (with welded connections), pr...
GATE CE 1999
Two wheels, placed at a distance of $$2.5$$ $$m$$ apart, with a load of $$200\,\,kN$$ on each of them are moving on a simply supported girder ($${\rm ...
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