Design of Bearings

Machine Design

(Past Years Questions)

Marks 1

Which of the bearings given below SHOULD NOT be subjected to a thrust load?
GATE ME 2016 Set 3
Ball bearings are rated by a manufacturer for a life of $${10^6}$$ revolutions. The catalogue rating of a particular b...
GATE ME 2014 Set 4
Which one of the following is criterion in the design of hydrodynamic journal bearings?
GATE ME 2005
The basic load rating of a ball bearing is
GATE ME 1998
To restore stable operating condition in a hydrodynamic journal bearing, when it encounters higher magnitude loads.
GATE ME 1997
In thick film hydrodynamic journal bearings, the coefficient of friction
GATE ME 1996
Spherical roller bearings are normally used
GATE ME 1992
Starting friction is low in
GATE ME 1992
Match the roling element bearings with the most appropriate loading condition Bearing - type (a)$$\,\,\,\,\,\,$$ Ball ...
GATE ME 1991
If the load on a ball bearing is reduced to half, the life of the ball bearing will
GATE ME 1988
The expected life of a ball bearing subjected to a load of $$9800N$$ and working at $$1000RPM$$ is $$3000$$ hours. What ...
GATE ME 1987

Marks 2

For ball bearings, the fatigue life $$L$$ measured in number of revolutions and the radial load $$F$$ are related by $$F...
GATE ME 2015 Set 3
A hydrodynamic journal bearing is subject to $$2000$$ $$N$$ load at a rotational speed of $$2000$$ $$rpm.$$ Both bearing...
GATE ME 2014 Set 1
Two identical ball bearings $$P$$ and $$Q$$ are operating at loads $$30kN$$ and $$45kN$$ respectively. The ratio of the ...
GATE ME 2011
A journal bearing has a shaft diameter of $$40mm$$ and a length of $$40mm.$$ The shaft is rotating at $$20$$ $$rad/s$$ a...
GATE ME 2008
A ball bearing operating at a load $$F$$ has $$8000$$hours of life. The life of the bearing, in hours, when the load is ...
GATE ME 2007
A natural feed journal bearing of diameter $$50mm$$ and length $$50mm$$ operating at $$20$$ revolutions/sec carries a lo...
GATE ME 2007
The life of a ball bearing at a load of $$10$$ $$kN$$ is $$8000$$ hours. Its life in hours, if the load is increased to ...
GATE ME 2000
The dynamic load capacity of $$6306$$ bearing is $$22KN.$$ The maximum radial load it can sustain to operate at $$600$$ ...
GATE ME 1997
Match the following List - $${\rm I}$$ (a)$$\,\,\,\,\,$$ Automobile wheel mounting on axle (b)$$\,\,\,\,\,$$ High speed...
GATE ME 1997


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