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GATE CE 2012
If a small concrete cube is submerged deep in still water in such a way that the pressure exerted on all faces of the cube is p, then the maximum shea...
GATE CE 2011
For a body completely submerged in a fluid, the centre of gravity (G) and centre of Buoyancy (O) are known. The body is considered to be in stable equ...
GATE CE 1996
If, for a fluid in motion, pressure at a point is same in all directions then the fluid is
GATE CE 1992
Shear stress develops on a fluid element, if the fluid
GATE CE 1989
A floating body with its center of gravity at 'G' center of buoyancy at 'B' and metacentre at 'M' is stable when

Marks 2

GATE CE 2017 Set 2
The figure shows a U-tube having a 5 mm × 5 mm square cross-section filled with mercury (specific gravity = 13.6) up to a height of 20 cm in each lim...
GATE CE 2016 Set 1
A sector gate is provided on a spillway as shown in the figure. Assuming g = 10 m/s2, the resultant force per meter length (expressed in kN/m) on the ...
GATE CE 2015 Set 2
A triangular gate with a base width of 2 m and a height of 1.5 m lies in a vertical plane. The top vertex of the gate is 1.5 m below the surface of a ...
GATE CE 2014 Set 1
Three rigid buckets, shown as in the figures (1), (2) and (3), are of identical heights and base areas. Further, assume that each of these buckets hav...
GATE CE 2001
A 15 cm length of steel rod with relative density of 7.4 is submerged in a two layer fluid. The bottom layer is mercury and the top layer is water. Th...
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