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GATE Mechanical 1993 Question

Subjective Type Answer by Yourself
An aluminium cube of $$10$$ $$cm$$ side has to be cast along with a cylindrical riser of height equal to its diameter. The riser is not insulated on any surface. If the volume shrinkage of aluminium during solidification is $$6\% $$, calculate shrinkage volume of cube on solidification and minimum size of the riser so that it can provide the shrinkage volume.

GATE Mechanical 1996 Question

Subjective Type Answer by Yourself
The pouring basin in a sand mold is $$200$$ $$mm$$ diameter $$100$$ $$mm$$ height. The mould cavity is a cube of $$125$$ $$mm$$ side and must be filled in $$25$$ seconds. The maximum velocity must ensure laminar flow into the mould cavity and in the gates of circular cross-section. Design the sprue to avoid aspiration effects.

(a) constant temperature,
(b) no loss in the velocity head and
(c) diameter of gate $$=8$$ times diameter at the sprue base.

Properties of the molten metal are $$\gamma = 0.9\,\,m{m^2}$$ per second, $$\rho = 700\,\,kg/{m^3},$$ & $${C_p} = 33.6\,\,J/mol$$-$$K.$$ The diameter of sprue to avoid aspiration effect.

GATE Mechanical 1999 Question

Subjective Type Answer by Yourself
In a particular mold design, the down sprue has an area of Cross section of $$6.45\,\,c{m^2}$$ where the pouring basin leads into the sprue. The sprue is $$20$$ $$cm$$ long. The required metal flow rate at the top section of the sprue is $$820$$ $$c{m^3}/s.$$ Determine the pouring height necessary above the sprue top. Also determine the area of $$C.S$$ of sprue at its bottom to avoid the aspiration of liquid molten metal.