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Power Semiconductor Devices

Power Electronics

Previous Years Questions

Marks 1

A charger supplies 100 W at 20 V for charging the battery of a laptop. The power devices, used in the converter inside t...
GATE EE 2022
Four power semiconductor devices are shown in the figure along with their relevant terminals. The device(s) that can car...
GATE EE 2018
For the power semiconductor devices $$IGBT, MOSFET,$$ Diode and Thyristor, which one of the following statements is TRUE...
GATE EE 2017 Set 1
A steady dc current of 100 A is flowing through a power module (S, D) as shown in Figure (a). The V-I characteristics of...
GATE EE 2016 Set 1
Figure shows four electronic switches $$(i), (ii), (iii)$$ and $$(iv).$$ Which of the switches can block voltages of eit...
GATE EE 2014 Set 1
The typical ratio of latching current to holding current in a $$20$$ $$A$$ thyristor is
GATE EE 2012
Circuit turn-off time of an $$SCR$$ is defined as the time
GATE EE 2011
Figure shows a composite switch consisting of a power transistor $$(BJT)$$ in series with a diode. Assuming that the tra...
GATE EE 2010
An $$SCR$$ is considered to be a semi - controlled device because
GATE EE 2009
The conduction loss versus device current characteristic of a power $$MOSFET$$ is best approximated by
GATE EE 2005
The triggering circuit of a thyristor is shown in figure. The thyristor requires a gate current of $$10$$ $$mA,$$ for gu...
GATE EE 2004
A bipolar junction transistor $$(BJT)$$ is used as a power control switch by biasing it in the cut-off region (OFF state...
GATE EE 2004
Figure shows a $$MOSFET$$ with an integral body diode. It is employed as a power switching device in the ON and OFF stat...
GATE EE 2003
Figure shows a thyristor with the standard terminations of anode $$(A),$$ cathode $$(K),$$ gate $$(G)$$ and the differen...
GATE EE 2003
In a commutation circuit employed to turn off an $$SCR$$, Satisfactory turn-off is obtained when.
GATE EE 1998
The uncontrolled electronic switch employed in power electronic converters is
GATE EE 1998
The $$MOSFET$$ switch in its on - state may be considered equivalent to
GATE EE 1998
If a diode is connected in anti - parallel with a thyristor, then
GATE EE 1997
Which of the following does not cause permanent damage of an $$SCR?$$
GATE EE 1996
The Triac can be used only in
GATE EE 1996
Which semiconductor power device out of the following is not a current triggered device?
GATE EE 1996
Figure, show two thyristors each rated $$500A$$ (continuous) sharing a load current. Current through thyristor $$y$$ is ...
GATE EE 1995
A switched mode power supply operating at $$20$$ $$kHz$$ to $$100$$ $$kHz$$ range uses as the main switching element
GATE EE 1994
A triac can be triggered by a gate pulse of __________ polarity
GATE EE 1994
The thermal resistance between the body of a power semiconductor device and the ambient is expressed as
GATE EE 1993

Marks 2

The $$SCR$$ in the circuit shown has a latching current of $$40$$ $$mA.$$ A gate pulse of $$50$$ $$\mu s$$ is applied to...
GATE EE 2014 Set 2
Thyristor $$T$$ in the figure below is initially off and is triggered with a single pulse of width $$10\mu s.$$ It is gi...
GATE EE 2013
Match the switch arrangements on the top row to be steady $$-$$ state $$V$$ - $$I$$ characteristics on the lower row. Th...
GATE EE 2009
A $$1:1$$ pulse transformer $$(PT)$$ is used to trigger the $$SCR$$ in the adjacent figure. The $$SCR$$ is rated at $$1....
GATE EE 2007
A $$1:1$$ pulse transformer $$(PT)$$ is used to trigger the $$SCR$$ in the adjacent figure. The $$SCR$$ is rated at $$1....
GATE EE 2007
An $$SCR$$ having a turn ON time of $$5\,\,\mu \,\,\sec $$, latching current of $$50$$ $$mA$$ and holding current of $$4...
GATE EE 2006
An electronic switch $$S$$ is required to block voltages of either polarity during its OFF state as shown in figure (a)....
GATE EE 2005
The figure shows the voltage across a power semiconductor device and the current through the device during a switching t...
GATE EE 2005
A $$MOSFET$$ rated for $$15 A,$$ carries a periodic current as shown in figure. The ON state resistance of the MOSFET is...
GATE EE 2004

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