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Workmenship and Fundamentals

Reinforced Cement Concrete

Previous Years Questions

Marks 1

Let the characteristic strength be defined as that value, below which not more than 50% of the results are expected to f...
GATE CE 2017 Set 2
Consider the following statements for air-entrained concrete: (i) Air-entrainment reduces the water demand for a given l...
GATE CE 2015 Set 1
Workability of concrete can be measured using slump, compaction factor and Vee bee time. Consider the following statemen...
GATE CE 2015 Set 1
The target mean strength fcm for concrete mix design obtained from the characteristic strength (fck) and standard deviat...
GATE CE 2014 Set 2
The flexural tensile strength of M25 grade of concrete, in N/mm2, as per IS:456-2000 is __________.
GATE CE 2014 Set 2
The modulus of elasticity, E = 5000$$\sqrt{{\mathrm f}_\mathrm{ck}}$$ where fck is the characteristic compressive streng...
GATE CE 2014 Set 2
Maximum possible value of compaction factor for fresh (green) concrete is
GATE CE 2013
The cross-section of a thermo-mechanically treated (TMT) reinforcing bar has
GATE CE 2011
For limit state of collapse, the partial safety factors recommended by IS 456:2000 for estimating the design strength of...
GATE CE 2009
A reinforced concrete structure has to be constructed along a sea coast. The minimum grade of concrete to be used as per...
GATE CE 2008
Consider the following statements: 1. The compressive strength of concrete decreases with increase in water-cement ratio...
GATE CE 2007
The flexural strength of M30 concrete as per IS: 456-2000 is
GATE CE 2005
The partial factor of safety for concrete as per IS: 456-2000 is
GATE CE 2005
Modulus of elasticity of M25 grade concrete in MPa is
GATE CE 2002
The permissible tensile stress in concrete made of M 25 concrete is
GATE CE 1997
The cylinder strength of the concrete is less than the cube strength because of
GATE CE 1997
Workability of concrete is influenced most by its
GATE CE 1995
Grading of aggregate in a concrete mix is necessary to achieve
GATE CE 1994
The factored loads at the limit state of collapse for DL + LL, DL + WL, and DL + LL + WL combinations, according to IS: ...
GATE CE 1993
Setting time of cement sample is tested by
GATE CE 1991
The modulus of elasticity of concrete mix M25 is
GATE CE 1990
Tensile strength of cement mortar is usually found by:
GATE CE 1990

Marks 2

The composition of an air-entrained concrete is given below: Water : 184 kg /m3 Ordinary Portland Cement(OPC) : 368 kg ...
GATE CE 2015 Set 1
According to the concept of Limit State Design as per IS 456: 2000, the probability of failure of a structure is _______...
GATE CE 2015 Set 2
Consider a reinforcing bar embedded in concrete. In a marine environment this bar undergoes uniform corrosion, which lea...
GATE CE 2011
Un-factored maximum bending moments at a section of a reinforced concrete beam resulting from a frame analysis are 50, 8...
GATE CE 2008
Consider the following statements: I. Modulus of elasticity concrete increases with increase in compressive strength of ...
GATE CE 2007

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